A police officer convicted of entering the field and throwing a siege during the Lens-Lille . derby

One of the Lensois supporters who stormed the field during the derby against LOSC and threw a seat in the stands in September was sentenced on Tuesday. A supporter who is not like the others since he is a police officer…

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Most Lensois supporters who invaded the lawn of Bollaert during the derby against LOSC on September 18, have been going to the court of Béthune for some time, appearing in court after a prior plea of ​​guilty. But it was Tuesday before the criminal court that one of them was found. To respond to “entering the playing field of a sports enclosure disrupting the course of competition” and “using a mobile installation of a sports enclosure as a projectile”.

Your quality as a police officer colors the file ‘ explains one magistrate. Because CR, 21, is a police officer in the Paris area. Subscriber for 15 yearshe was back for the derby.

† “I am ashamed to have committed these acts and to stand before you. †

All went well until half-time when we saw Lille supporters attempting to invade the Tranin, the family’s grandstandhe explains. Like a fool I followed the second group… “He admits to having entered the field and, when he arrived in front of the visitor’s car park, picked up a seat and brought it back to the stand. He also admits to spilling a beer into the back of a flight attendant. † I am ashamed to have committed these acts and to stand before you.

If the RC lens did not form a civil partycame to remind the lawyer of the Professional Football League that ” the playing field is an inviolable space “. And to emphasize irresponsible behavior of supporters

In the presence of a man aware of his mistake “, the prosecutor contented himself with asking for a €500 fine and a ban on stadiums for two years.

Banned from stadiums for a year

Once in his life he went too far “Give me in Rigley for the defense. Who remembers in passing the provocations in front “. Defending a young man without history The lawyer told the judges that even before his placement under judicial supervision in December, he did not go to the stadium again. Above all, he argued against the registration of his client’s conviction in the B2 bulletin of his criminal record, which would have serious consequences for his career in the police force.

The judges sentenced CR to a fine of €500 and a stadium ban for one year (in Bollaert, La Gaillette or during RCL trips), but without reporting to the police station. A conviction that is not entered in the B2 of the criminal record of the person going as far as be aware of administrative sanctions† He will have to pay a token €1 to the LFP, as well as €600 in legal fees.

Three weeks ago, another supporter, who was tried for the same offences, was given a three-month suspended prison term and an 18-month stadium ban.with the obligation to report to the police station during half-time of every match.

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