A radical decision has been made

Algeria’s defeat to Cameroon in the World Cup play-offs will not be without consequences for the Fennecs…

Algeria awaits. As FIFA considered on Thursday the appeal Algeria had filed after its defeat to Cameroon in the second leg of the World Cup play-offs, the consequence of arbitration deemed “outrageous” has not been decided again. † I cannot say anything more about it, for the matter is no longer in our hands, but in those to whom it may concern. The only clarification I can make on this subject is the fact that no one has said that the verdict will be handed down on April 21.”said the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Charaf-Eddine Amara.

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“One thing is certain: FIFA handles all cases that end up on its desk, all without exception. So Algeria’s complaint will be heard and studied, and at least I can assure you that”he added before citing the case of Djamel Belmadi: Djamel Belmadic did not resign and has not resigned his position, he is still under contract with us. He maintains a bond with the national team that goes beyond the contractual aspect, it is a moral commitment. †

44 games without defeat for Cameroon

The elimination of Algeria against Cameroon must therefore not lead to a revolution. At least on the Fennecs couch. Because the Algerian Football Association announced in a press release that the selection would no longer play at the Mustapha-Thaker stadium in Blida from June. † Pending the qualifications of CAN Total Energies – Ivory Coast 2023, which will start in June with a home game against Uganda, among other things, the Algerian Football Federation and in consultation with the government have seized the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to inform it on his choice of residence for the national team’s matches in the new stadium in Oran”said the FAF.

The defeat to Cameroon will therefore have been fatal in the Blida stadium, which until then had been regarded as an impregnable fortress where the Fennecs remained without defeat for 44 games.

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