AC Ajaccio: De Marseillais lost for the first time in Ligue 1, despite Payet’s 100th goal… Relive the match with us

6:59 PM: First defeat of the season for Olympique de Marseille and first win for AC Ajaccio. The Marseillais have gradually been put to sleep by the men of Pantaloni, despite Payet’s 100th goal in Ligue 1. The Ajacciens are temporarily back to 18th place while the men of Tudor can be left behind by PSG. They will have to get together quickly as they play against Sporting in Lisbon on Wednesday. Thank you everyone for following this match with us, and see you Wednesday!

90+4: It’s over, AC Ajaccio won with a score of 2 to 1!

90+3 : Oh no Dieng why are you taking your feet with you? He tries an outside, while the left seemed more appropriate. It is missed again and again.

90+2 : The Marseillais claim a hand on a cross from Under but it turns into a corner. Dieng tries an acrobatic gesture, it is missed.

90th : Desperate attack by Nuno Tavares from 35 meters. It’s not even framed. And 4 minutes extra time.

88th : New Pantaloni double change to scratch for a few seconds.

87th : Under pulls it low and it’s easy to counter. Waste.

86th: Dangerous free kick obtained by Dieng, just at the entrance to the surface, solid axis. But they are not the easiest to shoot.

85th : Interception in extremis by Mbemba in his area, after a lost ball from Gigot.

84th : The Marseillais are trying to avoid their first defeat in the league, while the Ajacciens are grounded to save time.

82nd : Dieng’s header from a corner, it goes just over the goal line.

81st : The Vélodrome pushes, hoping for an equalizer from OM!

81st: Pfiou, it was hot for the Ajacciens in their defence. Good low center, Suarez and Dieng were in the area, but it was countered in extremis for a corner. He doesn’t care, like since the beginning of the meeting!

78th : Holy purify this match my friends.

77th : Entry of Bamba Dieng, praised by the whole stadium that sees him as the savior! He replaces Issa Kaboré, Under plays the piston.

76th : Another completely missed pass from Balerdi for Mbemba. It goes directly into contact, it’s terrible.

74th: Samuel Gigot’s vicious heel, but the defender was in an offside position.

73rd : Double substitution of Olivier Pantaloni to try to keep the advantage of Ajacciens.

71st : A ray of sunshine breaks through the clouds to illuminate the grandstands of the Vélodrome. A sign for the Marseillais? Nothing for sure when you see how they struggle.

68th : Finally a good pass from Under. But Leroy picks up calmly.

65th : Marseille’s attacking balls are too legible for the defense, if they just aren’t missed!

61st : Missed cross from incoming Amine Harit. There are too many mistakes in the game of the Marseillais, but the Ajacciens are weak.

59th : Release of Koné, who had been warned, for Diallo at AC Ajaccio.

58th : Another extremely dangerous ball loss by Balerdi, the defender is not allowed to dive after his mistake on the Ajaccio goal!

56th : Igor Tudor takes the reins with a triple substitution, departure of Sanchez for Harit, Gerson for Suarez and Dimitri Payet for Under!

54th: A defender of Ajaccio 2 fingers to put a CSC. On a fleeing center, but it goes for a corner!

51st : The Ajacciens let them in at the same pace, mistakes and long balls! And it works, they’re right!

48th : Terrible rest start for the Marseillais who had to wake up. It’s the exact opposite with this error.

46th: INCREDIBLE! Leo Balerdi finds a hole in his play on a completely innocent pass from Ajaccio. The defender does not touch the ball and Ruben Blanco is cheated. Catastrophic. 1-2 for AC Ajaccio!

45th: Go for the 2nd half, balloon to the Marseillais!

6:03 PM : Change for OM, Veretout replaces Gueye!

45 + 2: Come on, it’s intermission at the Vélodrome stadium, at this score of 1-1. The Marseillais returned perfectly to their game thanks to Payet’s 100th goal in the OM jersey in Ligue 1. But the Tudor men were gradually put to sleep, until the equalizer!

45th : 2 minutes extra time

45th : Another bad choice by Tavares, who should have centered instead of hitting from a completely closed angle!

44th : The Marseillais are being countered for stupid mistakes!

44′: Terrible raise from Gigot right at Bayala’s feet, luckily the attacker rushes. You should wake up there!

42nd : Balerdi against a heavy headbutt. It must sting!

41st : Olala missed the center completely by Kaboré while the shift was being made. The OM pistons are not in top shape this afternoon!

37th : Still a lot of crap in OM’s game against a really bad team.

33rd : Always a lot of mistakes on both sides, which makes the Marseillais fall asleep. And the US too.

29th : The Tudor men regain possession and try a lot from the sides, with Kaboré on one side and Tavares on the other.

27th : Very good return of Leo Balerdi, launched in depth at Moussiti this time. Be careful not to rest on your laurels for OM players.

26th : It’s been a few minutes since the match was interrupted by Marseille’s mistakes, they pay a high price!

24th: Ajaccienne score cut by Moussiti who unleashes a heavy shot from the left, unstoppable!

18th: Oh Gerson trying the lob or sombrero shot, but Benjamin Leroy, Ajaccio’s goalkeeper, pushes away with his hand.

17th : Quick opening of the Marseillais score, and logical, as they choke the players of AC Ajaccio.

16th: He becomes the first French player to score 100 goals and provide 100 assists for the same club in Ligue 1.

14th: Dimitri Payet transforms it and scores his 100th goal with Olympique de Marseille!

12th: Penalty to OM, for lack of hand of Ajaccien in the area after a control by Sanchez to turn towards goal!

10th : Rongier’s great joy for Kaboré, the young piston is broken. Yellow for Kone.

8th : Pantaloni’s men barely touch the ball…

5th : Many mistakes by the Corsicans, at least the 3rd since the start of the race.

4th : Beware of memories for the Marseillais, who, like Rongier, seem a bit difficult.

2nd : Already a first chance for OM with Dimitri Payet who splits on the left but his cross is blocked. Good call from Sanchez originally.

1st: The Ajacciens kick off this match, let’s go!

4:58 pm : The players have just arrived on the field!

4:55 PM : Dimitri Payet can score his 100th goal at OM on Saturday!

4:51 PM : I wouldn’t have made a mistake, but it’s Ruben Blanco who is in the Olympic cages this afternoon, Pau Lopez is resting after his very good match in Tuesday’s win against Sporting (4-1).

4:49 PM : The spectators just gave a minute of applause in honor of Bernard Tapie, who passed away a year ago.

4:46 PM : The Vélodrome stadium is sold out for the 11th time in a row, except for Tuesday’s closed-door match against Sporting.

4:45 pm : And that of AC Ajaccio :

4.40 pm : Come on, I’ll send you the lineup of OM right away. Payet and Gerson are retainers behind Sanchez. Kaboré and Gueye replace Clauss and Guendouzi.

4.37 pm : Hello, hello, that’s it, we are in place from the Vélodrome stadium, in the darkness.

8:00 am: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. And welcome to your favorite site to follow your favorite league, Ligue 1! With on the menu this afternoon a beautiful Olympique de Marseille – AC Ajaccio, on behalf of the 10th day, and an unbalanced opposition, at least on paper, between the second and the last in the championship. The Marseillais have had one of their best starts to the season, finishing 2nd just behind PSG, as the Ajacciens have only managed to win one of their games since the start of the season. Igor Tudor should rotate, with Dimitri Payet likely behind Suarez, while Matteo Guendouzi and Jonathan Clauss, injured, will not return until Wednesday for the return game against Sporting.

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