AC Ajaccio: The Marseillais’ hubris after Payet .’s historic goal

At the Velodrome stadium,

A Dimitri Payeto with mixed feelings. Saturday afternoon, against AC Ajaccio, last of League 1, Igor Tudor’s players were quick to open the scoring, thanks to a penalty that was quickly converted by number 10 (13th). In the middle of Marseille Olympics thus becoming the first Ligue 1 player to total 100 goals and 100 assists, thanks to his penalty he scored early in the game.

“I thought about it for a while, and unfortunately I couldn’t do it at the end of last season because I was injured. Today it happened, I’m happy and proud because I’m the first to do it. It’s a trail I could leave in this championship. It was a personal goal, so I’m glad I did it, because it’s an important milestone in a career,” Dimitri Payet enjoyed.

“Hard to explain what happened”

Despite this historic record, the Reunionese was “angry”, “because we are up 1-0 at home, the way was clear for a beautiful afternoon but we manage to be surprised”. Because paradoxically, this opener of Dimitri Payet coincided with the gradual disintegration of his team, “it really is the goal that changed the game”, even underlined Igor Tudor: “We thought maybe we would put 2 or 3”. Except the Marseillais were put to sleep by Ajacciens, who had a “perfect match”, still according to the OM coach, and in the end the opposite happened. First by the equalizer, against the course of the game of Moussiti (25th). Before another blunder by Leo Baleri, who cheated on Ruben Blanco, he was given a permanent position in the place of Pau Lopez, by wanting to evacuate his camp in a fairly innocent center (47th).

Without ever we feel that the Marseillais is able to return. “It’s true that I find it difficult to explain what happened. We only played 15 minutes. We started well, with the right frame of mind. But after the goal we changed energy, we lowered our level. We got this goal and it was difficult to react until the end of the game”, regretted Igor Tudor.

Dimitri Payet ‘hope it’s just an accident’

When Olivier Pantaloni, AC Ajaccio’s coach to “evoke maybe a little too much confidence in the face of the last of the championship”, on the part of OM, the Croat has brushed aside this idea: “He doesn’t do any decision to win the game, not even on the part of the substitutes, you should always have that, even if you play badly.”

This defeat is clearly a setback for OM, the first of the season in the league. Dimitri Payet “hopes it’s just an accident. We’ve had a good run since the start of the season, it would be a shame to throw everything away after a loss. But this one is hard to digest. And watch out for indigestion, because the men ofIgor Tudor are going to play a game that is almost as crucial as last Tuesday’s against Sporting Portugal, but Lisbon this time on Tuesday.