Alvaro Gonzalez’s contract termination is complete!

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“Alvaro is in Spain, in consultation with the club. I don’t know… I think it will be difficult for the future. You have to see the reality of the facts. There are several players that are not available. The situation is also not very clear. Frankly, I answered this question. I think it’s a shame to waste a question on this. I think there is nothing else to say. † In the pre-match conference against Saint-Etienne, Jorge Sampaoli could not avoid questions about Alvaro Gonzalez. As a reminder, the Spanish defensive rock, sidelined since the end of the winter transfer window and his refusal to leave the Marseille club, returned to Spain a few days ago with the club’s agreement.

Last year, an essential part of Olympique de Marseille (32 league matches, 2 goals), the former Villarreal defender was even extended last May until 2024. But since then Jorge Sampaoli has decided not to count on him and send him to the depths. of the hierarchy of central defenders. Result, only 12 appearances in Olympian colors since the start of the season and a thinly veiled spleen.

Alvaro Gonzalez gets a very big check from OM

After refusing to go to Bordeaux at the end of the winter transfer window, Alvaro Gonzalez let loose in the Spanish press at the beginning of February and showed all his frustration“It hurt me a bit. Just as I respect the club, I would have liked the club to respect me. During the transfer window I said I would not move. We all know what the market looks like in January, the situations of the teams that want to take you are not ideal, they are having a hard time. It’s not the same as going to teams that are doing well. I told them to wait until June, which is a longer market with more options. But the 32-year-old Spanish defender does not get the chance.

RMC reported a few days ago that OM wanted to terminate the contract of a player it had just extended until June 2024 a few months ago.† According to our information, everything is already in place for this termination, which should take place in the coming days. The amounts of the operation have not been filtered, but Marseille will drop a very large check to get rid of their former vice-captain. In Spain, Alvaro Gonzalez has no concrete leads since his sidelines. The idea of ​​trying out a very lucrative experience in the Middle East is possible, as is that of joining a Spanish La Liga club. But again, it will be necessary to find a formation probably in line with the player’s emoluments, which today amount to 1.5 M€ net per year.