Aminata Diallo comes out of the silence

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The soap is not ready to finish yet. Nearly nine months after Kheira Hamraoui was attacked in his car, former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Aminata Diallo was charged with charges in late September. “conspiracy” and “heavy violence” against her former teammate at the Capital club. The Public Prosecution Service requested pre-trial detention of the tricolor international (7 selections, 1 goal), and this after split personality revelations.

But while she was not very chatty in front of the investigators, according to a source close to the file that police contactedAFP, the Blue had denied everything then during his interrogation according to the Parisianbefore giving an interview to RMCwhich will be broadcast in full on the radio antennas tomorrow morning. In previously published excerptsthe 27-year-old player remains in her position and wants to deny any competition or even tension with her 32-year-old counterpart.

Aminata Diallo convinced of her innocence

At the microphone of the national station, the resident of Grenoble recalls that she was first reassured by the arrest of their attackers, before becoming involved in the case on the side of the accused: “When I saw in the media a few days earlier that the attackers had been caught, I was quite relieved. And then it turns out that they named me as a sponsor. Yet I don’t know them. I’ve never seen them. I’ve never had any contact with them. I never spoke to them. That is what the researchers found in the study today. I can’t explain why they name me as a sponsor. It still amazes me that attackers don’t want to give the name of the person who sent them, but just say that at least ‘it’s for Aminata'”.

The former number 7 of the capital club denies a bad sporting relationship with Kheira Hamraoui last season: “I was not excluded by Kheira Hamraoui, as they try to say. The sporting director and the coach are very happy, very satisfied with my work and my performance and want to give me an extension of two seasons. There is no element to show that it was in my best interest to do so at the time. On the contrary. It is true that in some league matches she started the matches. There are matches in the Champions League where I started. And then I started with Kheira Hamraoui. There was no direct competition only with Kheira Hamraoui. That is false.”