Ancelotti thanks “the magic of the Bernabeu”, Tuchel “proud” of his players

Carlo Ancelottic would have done well to use it, especially after winning the first leg 3-1 on the lawn of chelsea† But on Tuesday, he was saved by the extra soul brought by what the Italian coach calls ‘Bernabeu magic’ as his side trailed 3-0 and were knocked out for five to fifteen minutes from the end of his quarter. last second leg of Champions League

“After the 2-0, the team went through a psychological decline. But the magic of Santiago-Bernabéu helps the players. It’s inexplicable. It ensures that you never surrender. I am very happy that I reached the semi-finals with this group. With a lot of pain of course. But the more we suffer, the happier I am. †

Since Tuesday was the night of the masochists, Thomas Tuchel almost appreciated losing this way. “No regrets, even if we deserved to pass. These are the kind of defeats you can be proud of and accept with courage. I’m very happy with the game, it’s the right way to get out. If we manage to reproduce this kind of effort, we will be a special team. †

Freshness and changes made the difference

Given the initial gap between the two teams, Chelsea had no choice but to go into this match completely and without any calculation. The Blues did brilliantly, but when pushed into overtime by Rodrygo due to Modric’s penchant for caviar, they condemned themselves to failure. Ancelotti’s bench was better, the rest was just a matter of time.

“We had more energy than them to stay alive in the end. I only made the changes for this purpose: to put in more energy. The team suffered a lot, but everyone resisted. Rodrygo and [Eduardo] Camavinga was right to add energy. Chelsea’s physical debauchery was huge in their squeeze, and that gave us the advantage in extra time,” concluded Ancelotti. That, and Karim Benzema.

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