ASM Clermont: Fofana’s temptation against Leicester in the Champions Cup

This Champions Cup week did not start in the best possible way for ASM. Damian Penaud’s examinations revealed a tibiofibular sprain, ie several weeks of unavailability (about six weeks). And it is a solution in the center less after the absence of Apisai Naqalevu (broken forearm) and Jean-Pascal Barraque (foot arch). So in reserve of the republic only George Moala, Tani Vili and Wesley Fofana are left. The latter has resumed normal collective training for two weeks. With only one game left on his clock this season on the first day of play in Lyon (he would start against Biarritz last December), the former international is available again.

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“It’s a shame to go into a final phase without Damian Penaud. But it’s the same every season. It is up to the group to take responsibility and not just one player. Wesley has been integrated in the collective training for two weeks. He is someone who has a lot of experience at this level. So he is available for this match against Leicester,” explains Jono Gibbes. For the record, Wesley Fofana had scored the lone Clermont try in the last showdown with Leicester. ASM went on to win the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup at home. A good omen?

Yohan Beheregaray back

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Another important return, that of Yohan Beheregaray as a whore. Absent since late January and the trip to Pau, de Béarnais suffered from rib pain. He received a medical green light this week and can therefore register for this Champions Cup round of 16. After a new commotion in Brive in February, Jacobus Van Tonder is logically available again for the meeting. But that can still apply to the meeting.

Among the absent of mark for this first meeting against the leader of the English Championship, that of Tomas Lavanini. The second line doesn’t seem to have fully recovered from his neck pain. He trained separately on Tuesday morning. Samuel Ezéala is not far from a return to the field. The winger could potentially run for the second leg. Adrien Pélissié and Sébastien Bézy are expected in the Top 14 against Castres (Saturday 23 April).

Arnaud Clergue

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