at Aviron Bayonnais we get the calculators out

Never have two teams complete the same Pro D2 exercise with more than 100 points. In five weeks, the three may exceed this threshold. This is no more the goal of Ain’s players than that of Yannick Bru. Their only obsession is to avoid third place. Hence the predictions on the calendar. “I didn’t do Maths Sup, but they explained everything to me,” jokes Joël Rey, the forward coach. We’ve talked about it among ourselves. We’ve seen all possible scenarios. Normally I wouldn’t say that, but against Bourg-en-Bresse we need five points. I know it’s pretentious, I have a lot of respect for this team from Bourg-en-Bresse, but we need points. Whatever D2 team would have come this Friday, I would have said the same. †

Easier for Oyonnax

Rowing gets three times for two trips. The opposite of Oyonnax. An advantage ? Possibly. However, the Haut-Bugiens calendar seems cheaper. They will go to Béziers (9th, this Thursday evening), Narbonne (16th, 22 April) and Aurillac (10th, 13 May). These three matches will be interspersed with receptions from Agen (April 12, 15) and Provence Rugby (May 8, 6). In turn, Mariano Galarza’s band welcomes Bourg-en-Bresse (15th, this Friday evening), Vannes (11th, 22 April) and Rouen (14th, 13 May), for two delicate trips to Montauban (7th, 14 April) and Carcassonne (4, 6 May).

“I don’t like math. If you calculate too much, you usually don’t think about the game.”

What did they tick? Five wins. “You have to win all games to be in both,” said Maxime Delonca, captain this Friday against Bourg. The whore also knows that this may not be enough, if Oyonnax does the same. Everything would then come down to handing out bonus points. “A road map has indeed been drawn up, but I have forgotten it,” laughs the 33-year-old, who will leave the club at the end of the season. Bluff or reality? “No, really, I forgot,” he bursts out laughing. He can always write it on his arm, next to the combinations in touch. Or run off completely, like Guillaume Rouet.

things okay

The scrum half leaves the math aside. Some take the matches one by one, he takes the match one minute after the other. “I don’t like math, plant number 9, recovered from his knockout at Mont-de-Marsan (15-13) and holder this Friday night. If you charge too much, you generally don’t think about the game. It’s important to me first to win and then, during the match, we’ll see if there’s an opportunity to grab the bonus. †

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