Audience: Les Bleus good leaders on M6 for France 2 fiction, “Welcome Back” on TF1

In prime time on Friday, M6 won the ratings. The match between the French football team and the Ivory Coast thrilled 4.94 million Blues supporters, according to Médiamétrie, after comments from Xavier Domergue and Robert Pirès. The market share is 26.3% for those 4 years and older and 25.3% for female purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50). On November 13, 2021, the France/Kazakhstan poster on the same channel had drained 5.98 million French people (28.4% of 4+ and 28.1% of FRDA-50).

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France 2 stronger than TF1 with a replay

France 2 is second. The rebroadcast unit “Two drops of water”, with Sylvie Testud and Michael Youn, could count on 3.17 million viewers, for a market share of 15.9% (6.8% on the FRDA-50). A week earlier, a rebroadcast of the series “Crime fits him so well” with Claudia Tagbo had convinced 3.17 million people (16.6% of 4+).

On TF1, a new release of “Welcome Back”, a nostalgic entertainment presented by Camille Combal who offered to dive back to the year 2000, entertained 2.33 million fans for the first volume, for an 11.4% market share for the major audience and 27.1% for the FRDA-50, a target the station is leading the way. Last Friday, the launch of this format, co-produced by ITV Studios France and Ellimac, was followed by 2.84 million curious (14.6% of the audience and 32.0% of the FRDA-50).

France 3 steps into the background with an unpublished documentary directed by Mireille Dumas, “The Thousand and One Lives of Line Renaud”, which interested 1.41 million music lovers and 7.0% of the public (1.7% of FRDA-50).

Good score for France 5 cinema box, poor performance for W9

In the remainder of the prime time offer, on France 5, the French film “Diabolo menthe” attracted 933,000 cinema-goers, representing a 4.7% market share (1.5% on FRDA-50). For its part, with a repeated issue of its magazine “Enquête d’action” W9 drew a poor performance for only 235,000 curious people (1.3% of 4+ and 2.3% of FRDA-50), which followed to the least the channels in prime time on Friday evening for the entire public.