Awards of the Mondial 2018: A Picasso presented to Michel Platini, according to eavesdropping

FOOTBALL – Michel Platini, UEFA president when the 2018 World Cup was awarded to Russia, received a work by Pablo Picasso from a Russian oligarch, according to press reports citing wiretapping of the ex-leader, who filed a complaint against this Tuesday, April 5. Gianni Infantinoboss of the FIFA

Listen from 2017 revealed by media part Monday in the context of the judicial inquiry opened by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) into the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in 2010, during the Platini presidency at UEFA, problems with the 66-year-old French leader.

In a conversation with his wife, he admitted that he had received a “painting” from a certain “Ouchmanov”, who, according to media partthe oligarch Alicher Ousmanov, who is currently the target of European Union sanctions after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Asked by AFP about this file, the entourage of Michael Platin has not responded.

From newspapers The world and The teamPlatini’s entourage acknowledged Monday that the leader had received a “lithograph” from Picasso by Alisher Usmanov in 2016 for his 61st birthday, not a painting.

Complaint against Gianni Infantino

This Tuesday, the former leader of the European Confederation counter-attacked another dossier, filing a complaint in Paris in November 2021 against Gianni Infantino for “active influence” and against Marco Villiger, former FIFA legal director. to make. for “complicity in active influence”.

The Paris Prosecutor’s Office registered this complaint on November 16, according to the receipt of which AFP received a copy, without knowing at this stage what action was being taken.

The ex-N.10 of the Blues has for several years been directly opposed to Gianni Infantino and his entourage, whom he believes had ousted him from the 2015 FIFA presidency race by warning the Swiss prosecution of a suspect payment of 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros), made by FIFA in 2011 on the orders of its president Sepp Blatter for the attention of the French, without written justification.

In this case, Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter were indicted in Switzerland in November 2021 for various offenses, including fraud, and are facing trial. The two men maintain that it is a residual salary for work as a consultant from the 1999-2002 period.

Gianni Infantino, who was elected to the helm of FIFA in 2016, has been the target of criminal proceedings in Switzerland since July 2020 for “incitement to abuse of power”, “breach of official secrecy” and “impediment to criminal action”.

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