Benzema throws PSG over his hat trick

If he regarded PSG as the most formidable opponent in the Champions League, the Parisians’ collapse in the return leg didn’t surprise him.

The Champions League is back in action. And while the Real Madrid find chelseathis Tuesday, before the first leg of their quarter-final, the memory of the fantastic comeback of the Merengue thanks to the three goals of Karim Benzema in the last half hour of the second leg against PSG is still on everyone’s minds, especially the Frenchman’s. “Of course I often think about it, I see the images scroll by again… But I think it’s good, because it gives me more confidence every time. These are memories that stay with me.”he said in an interview with The team

Despite the dominance of the Parisians and the goal of Kylian Mbappe in the first period, the former Lyonnais did not hesitate for a moment. “You can ask my teammates who were there in the dressing room. 1-0 to Paris, it didn’t change for us, we knew we had to score two goals anyway. At half time I spoke and said to everyone: “Guys, we are good. We conceded a goal, but tried to attack. It’s normal, we have to attack. You just have to be careful with the counters. Calm ” “he said, also considering that the Parisians were not particularly dangerous: “I don’t know how people see football, but it’s not because you have possession that you dominate. PSG don’t have possession that goes forward to dominate. Instead, they have possession to calm the pace when they are outplayed. They do very well, they hide the ball and try to put in counters.”

That often happens to them, they let go mentally

And the four-time Champions League winner was all the more confident as he knew the weaknesses of Mauricio Pochettino’s troops. “If you squeeze them, put density on them, don’t let them out, it’s good. Their strategy is Verratti, he does all the tricks. If you squeeze him well, they switch to another strategy and it’s not the same. Paredes next to him will not be the same, Marquinhos and Kimpembe who want to play for Verratti will not be the same either, so the secret against PSG is to put pressure on them.he revealed, recalling: “The games they lost in Ligue 1 were the ones that pushed them all over the place.”

Above all, PSG’s collapse was predictable in his eyes. Due to the mental difficulties of Marquinhos and others. “When we scored, they told themselves they had lost the game, when it was only 1-1… That happens to them often, they let go mentally”he claimed.

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