Blanco Expelled, “Galactic” Withdrawn, Brusque Elected, Justice Seized

Excluded from the amateur association BO, Serge Blanco has convened a General Assembly. Who voted unanimously to sideline current management and appoint Nicolas Brusque as president. The court will rule on April 19.

Calm never lasts long in Biarritz when it comes to club rugby. And the latest twists herald a new turbulent period. Small memory. The president of Biarritz Olympique, Jean-Baptiste Aldigé, tries to get rid of the new management of the amateur association, the Galactics (Harinordoquy, Yachvili, Thion…, chaired by David Couzinet). For this he counts on one of his prestigious supporters, the emblematic Serge Blanco.

The latter, with the statutory support of a quarter of the association’s members, had convened a general meeting for April 4 to request a new vote. A wish that led him to be banned from the association by the daytime by the Galactics. He could therefore not be elected at the AV. But more than 200 people (present or through powers) nevertheless voted by a huge majority (217 votes in favour, 5 votes against) to fire the team and nominated, still almost unanimously (204 votes in favour, 0 against), the former back. of the BO, Nicolas Brusque at the head of amateur rugby.

Justice to rule on April 19

This Tuesday morning, David Couzinet went to court to annul these votes, having already challenged in a press release the proceedings initiated by Serge Blanco “in view of the irregularities found, Mr Serge Blanco, who does not comply with the applicable legal and statutory provisions, does not have the power, even less the power to convene an Ordinary General Assembly on April 4In vain for the time being, the judge issued his decision on April 19 in advice. Meanwhile, Nicolas Brusque remains president of the association and the “Galactics” are no longer part of the office.

Nicolas Brusque immediately assured his legitimacy on the antennas of France Bleu. †It is official. When people question the vote, we’re skipping a legal aspect. There was a collective desire to get things back in place. The voice means what it is. Today people who love this club are taking it over. New episodes will depend on what the revoked office wants to do. When polled by more than 50% of voters, we ask ourselves the right questions…