Caleta Car, solid and regular… renew a contract?

Olympique de Marseille beat ASSE 4-2 in the match of the 30th day of Ligue 1. Here is the score and rating of Duje Caleta Car, holder during this match in Saint Etienne.

l’Olympic Marseille should take advantage of the tie between Nice and Rennes with this trip to Saint-Etienne. Jorge Sampaoli suggested a composition with Dieng as lead, Payet and Harit as support. OM quickly grabbed the ball against the low block and the defense on 5 suggested by Dupraz. Payet could have quickly opened the scoring after a ball recovered by Dieng, but the Marseille playmaker tripped over Bernardoni. OM was surprised after a ball snatched by Bouanga in a duel with Kolasinac, the striker then missed his shot, but Pau Lopez was completely trapped and offered an unexpected opener for the Greens. This goal conceded did not seem to bother de Marseille, however, who continued to dominate without creating any clear opportunities, except for this long shot from Guendouzi. While OM pushed for the equaliser, Bouanga believed in the double after Thioub obliterated Kolasinac and found his striker, finally offside after using the VAR. In the process, the same VAR confirmed a penalty after Mangala’s foul foul on Caleta Car. Payet did not hesitate to equalize just before half time by transforming the offer. Sampaoli brought Kolasinac for Under in the second half, OM found a new rhythm and ousted the overwhelmed Greens. Suffering from suffering, Kolodziejczak scored into his own net, giving Marseille an advantage. Then Gerson was awarded a penalty on a well felt dribble, Payet left it to Dieng who scored it after being forced to withdraw, 3-1. OM didn’t stop playing, Under found Payet reaping the sacrifice, but on a school counter Guendouzi found Harit perfect for the 1-4! Saint-Etienne will close the gap after a nice attack by Gourna, without getting the job done.

In line with Saliba, Duje Caleta Car was solid. The Croatian defender has often felt Bouanga’s moves well and has often been honest.

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Duje Caleta Auto’s rating: 7/10

Duje Caleta-Car

His appreciation FCMI

Caleta Car, solid and regular… a player to expand?
It forms a particularly solid hinge with William Saliba. Caleta Car is often unmanageable in duels, even if he sometimes has to avoid excessive use. It is austere and diligent in its revival and displays a wonderful serenity. In a duel with Mangala on set pieces, he was awarded a decisive penalty just before half-time. The Croatia international has only one year of contract left at the end of the season, and if Pablo Longoria offers him a contract extension?

Media Comments

The team 7/10 In addition to Saliba in the hinge, he showed great authority in his interventions and a lot of calm in the recovery to avoid the Saint-Etienne pressing. He was awarded a precious penalty in extra time in the first half, eventually transformed by Payet (45th + 2).
maxi foot 6/10 The central defender of Olympique de Marseille was also present on this part. The Croatia international was completely sucked into the action of the opener and was in relatively little danger with easy duels to negotiate. He was also given a penalty, for strapping Mangala, to revive his team.
The Dauphiné 6/10

Very good in his placement and in managing depth, he relieved his people several times. It was he who got the penalty after an avoidable error by Mangala (45th).

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