CDC (M) | A gala Montpellier goes to the 1/4 final

After a very frustrating first leg for Montpellier (29-29), tonight’s victory against Porto was mandatory. A clear and definitive first act where the MHB made her law, before seriously ending her encounter with the score of 35 to 27.

A gala Montpellier during the first act

Patrice Canayer will refresh the same group as in the first leg and it is their players who open the score by Karl Wallinius1-0, 1′† Both teams show a lot of enthusiasm at the start of the match because the stakes are high. Kevin Bonnefois fit his game perfectly with two saves in five minutes and Montpellier take the lead (3-2.5Veron Nacinovico however, receives the first penalty of the match with a yellow card. The Portuguese have more trouble getting in, with Victor Iturriza that shoots twice above the image (4-4, 9′

in minority, Montpellier stays ahead on the first throw from 7 meters for the one who missed one in the first leg, Hugo Descat7-5, 14′† The locals continue their race in the lead and increase the gap to three lengths (10-7, 17′Port is exceeded in these first twenty minutes and Magnus Anderson is forced to set a second timeout in less than five minutes (13-7, 20′† The gap is gradually narrowing, though Montpellier stays at five lengths (15-10, 26′† The end of this period is about the handballes, resulting in a hiatus (18-11, 29′), Porto collapsed after 5 minutes of play. The locals returned to the locker room with the score of 19-11.

Porto woke up but too late

Port starts his second period better by inflicting a three-to-zero from the start (19-14, 34′† the men of Patrice Canayer reacted quickly and recovered well by conceding six goals (22-16′, 37′valentine door however, will be given a two-minute penalty. The Portuguese are playing better, although the gap remains large and largely in Montpellier’s favor (25-18, 42′

At the start of the last fifteen minutes, the Swedish coach takes his last time-out. It would take a miracle Port win tonight. Will the seven-on-six attack be an asset to the visitors? Yannis Lenne seems to indicate to us that no, with a 4/4 in the second period (27-19, 46′Montpellier goes into the last ten minutes with an eight-goal lead (29-21, 50′† There are only six minutes left to play, victory is assured for Montpellier with a nine-goal lead, thanks to Kyllian Villemino32-23, 54′Alexis Berthiera young right-back from Montpellier, takes the opportunity to score his first goal in the Champions League (35-26, 59′† the MHB will therefore qualify on a broad score and without appeal from 35 to 27

Porto may have deep regrets after missing their game completely. Montpellier delivered a 5 star performance, with Kévin Bonnefoi for great evenings. He and his teammates will therefore face Kielce in the 1/4 final.