Chelsea: Benzema offers qualification to Madrid after crazy game, the summary of the match

Real - Chelsea: Benzema offers qualification to Madrid after crazy game, the summary of the match

REAL MADRID – CHELSEA FOOT. The Merengue validated their ticket for the semi-finals of the Champions League after a crazy game. Led (3-0) into the lead and therefore virtually eliminated, Carlo Ancelotti’s men managed to bring the score back by playing extra time. Three-time goalscorer in the first leg, Karim Benzema scored Madrid’s second goal in the 96th minute of the game, offering qualification to Merengue. Summary of the game.

04/12/22 – 23:56 – Summary of the match

An ode to football. This Tuesday, Real Madrid and Chelsea faced each other for the quarter-finals of the second leg of Champions League in Santiago Bernabeu. A totally crazy encounter that will go down in the annals of the competition. After the win (3-1) at Stamford Bridge, Carlo Ancelotti’s men probably thought they had done the hardest thing. It was without counting on the attacking armada of the Blues and the talent of their coach Thomas Tuchel. From the kick-off of the return leg, the Blues take the lead over their opponent. In the 15th minute, Mount, well served by Werner, opened the score with a nice curling shot. The Madrilenians, who are completely dominated, have no solutions and return to the dressing room with their heads bowed. In the second half, the Blues continued to crush their opponents and doubled the bet thanks to a helmet shot from Rüdiger (51st). Moments later, the Bernabeu gets scared. Alonso finds the net with a clear shot, eventually denied for a handball. The referee’s decision has been welcomed as a goal by Madrid players and the public, but the merengue ship continues to sink. In the 75th minute, on a great move by Werner, the German scores the goal of the ko. Carlo Ancelotti’s men are then eliminated. The Italian technician decides to bring in Rodrygo who equalizes the two teams on his first ball of the match thanks to a caviar from the outside of the foot of Modric (80th). At the end of regular time, the two teams are back to back. Back to the wall, the Merengue gain strength in extra time, relying on Benzema’s realism. On a cross from Vinicius, the Frenchman scored the goal (3-2) giving Real Madrid the lead. Despite some hot moves from the Blues, Carlo Ancelotti’s men finally validated their ticket to the Champions League semi-finals after a totally crazy match.

04/12/22 – 23:51 – Real Madrid, a fixture in the semi-finals

Carlo Ancelotti’s men validated their ticket to the semi-final of the competition on the wire, thanks to a goal in extra time from Karim Benzema† It is the 15th time in the league’s history that the Merengue has qualified for the last four of the competition. This is their 10th participation in the last 12 editions of the competition.

04/12/22 – 23:45 – Camavinga: “We believed in it to the end”

At the final whistle from Real – Chelsea, the French midfielder, Eduardo Camavinga gave his impressions to Canal +’s microphone: “It was great this game again. We managed to come back after a bad start to the game. Fought and we believed in it until the end, “hasta el final” as they say here. At half time the coach told us not to panic and always go forward. Here we are qualified for the semi-finals but we still have important to play matches, especially in the league.”

04/12/22 – 23:40 – Madridistas out for 5 minutes

Real Madrid was hot. Leading (3-0) Carlo’s men took the water completely in this shock against the Blues. They were also virtually eliminated for 5 minutes after Timo Werner’s goal (75th) and for Rodrydgo’s (80th) performance on his first ball of the game.

04/12/22 – 23:38 – Real Madrid qualified for the semi-finals!

It has happened ! The Merengue validated their ticket to the semi-finals of the competition after a crazy lost game (3-2). Scorer in the 96th minute, Karim Benzema let Madrid take the lead in both games (5-4).

04/12/22 – 23:32 – ⌛ The players are ready in Madrid (2-3)

Chelsea FC’s superiority can be seen in the numbers: at the end of this match, possession was undoubtedly in their favor (54% against 46% for Real Madrid). The Londoners also created the most serious chances, with 6 shots on target against Real Madrid 4 shots on target, and so logically won this game (2-3).

04/12/22 – 23:29 – 3 minutes extra time

There will be 3 minutes of extra time in this end of the Real – Chelsea match. The crowd in Madrid is holding their breath.

04/12/22 – 23:28 – Yellow card for Carvajal!

The Madrid defender receives a warning for a foul in the midfield by Hakim Ziyech. New yellow card in this Real – Chelsea.

04/12/22 – 23:27 – The head of Havertz!

Reece James’ perfect cross is caught by the post by Havertz who does not fit. It was an equalizer for the Blues.

04/12/22 – 23:25 – Chills on the surface of Madrid

An attempt and a second are countered in extremis by Alaba and then by Valverde in the Madrid area. Carlo Ancelotti’s men are under pressure but solid in this extra time.

04/12/22 – 23:24 – Ziyech’s strike!

Ziyech, found by Havertz on the left side of the surface, tries his luck. His shot from the left is blocked by Courtois, always vigilant.

04/12/22 – 23:23 – Tuchel and Azpilicueta warned

Much tension at the end of the meeting: Tuchel and Azpilicueta are warned about their behavior on the London bank.

04/12/22 – 23:20 – Real – Chelsea: 10 minutes left

The Blues can believe it. There are still 10 minutes left in this quarter-final of the second leg of the Champions League to try to equalize (5-5) over the whole of both encounters.

04/12/22 – 23:18 – Courtois’ hook for Havertz!

How cold-blooded of the Merengue keepers. Under pressure from Havertz, the Belgian knocks out his opponent with a perfectly executed hook. The public appreciated.

04/12/22 – 23:17 – The Merengues under pressure

The Blues try to find the nets again. Tempers flared towards the end of the match and Carlo Ancelotti’s men tried to gain time.

04/12/22 – 23:16 – Two new changes for Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel makes two new changes to this Real – Chelsea: Kovacic and Loftus-Cheek are replaced by Ñiguez and Jorginho.

04/12/22 – 11:14 PM – On to the 2nd half of extra time!

After a short break and a change of teams, the 2nd overtime in the Santiago Bernabeu started. Real Madrid and Chelsea FC must now be ready to make room for the future. At the very end of the match we are at 2-3.

04/12/22 – 11:13 PM – End of first overtime

Real Madrid are in the semi-finals with one leg after Karim Benzema’s header goal in extra time. The Merengue led (5-4) on the entirety of both encounters.

04/12/22 – 11:10 PM – Camavinga’s strike!

Benzema recovers the ball high and finds Camavinga trying the luck from the left. His heavy shot goes just over the Blues cage.

04/12/22 – 23:09 – Yellow card for Ziyech

New warning in this Real – Chelsea: this time it is Ziyech who is warned after a foul on Vazquez.

04/12/22 – 23:07 – Real – Chelsea: change for the Blues

New sub for the Blues in this Real – Chelsea: Kante is replaced by Ziyech at the end of the match.

04/12/22 – 23:04 – Benzema again!

Camavinga collects the ball in midfield and launches Vinicus deep. The Brazilian accelerates, enters the penalty area and slows down before centering on the penalty spot. It is taken out of the head by Benzema who doesn’t give Mendy a chance.

04/12/22 – 23:02 – ⚽ Goal: Real Madrid close their gap (2-3)!

Karim Benzema closes the gap for Real Madrid in this game against Chelsea FC. We play the 96th minute of play in this 1st period. The score is 2-3 in the Santiago Bernabeu.

22/12/04 – 23:00 – Benzema nearby!

Good job from Lucas Vazquez crossing over at the far post. Benzema heads in the direction of Vinicius. The danger is cleared by Kanté.

04/12/22 – 22:58 – A first in this edition

It is the first time in this edition of the Champions League that two teams have to decide in extra time. At stake is a spot for the C1 semifinals.


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