Circuit of the Sarthe – Pays de la Loire

Classification of the 1st stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe - Pays de la Loire 2022
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On Tuesday, the first stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe – Pays de la Loire (2.1) was won by Mads Pedersen (Trek Segafredo). The Danish rider, former 2019 road world champion, sprinted ahead of his breakaway mates. Benoit Cosnefroy (Ag2r Citroën) took second place. Pedersen logically put on the leader’s jersey at the end of the stage. Find the complete classification of the 1st stage of the Circuit de la Sarthe – Pays de la Loire, a race dear to Laurent Brochard.

The breakaways of the day, who left shortly after the start, were met by a counterattack made up of very talented runners such as the winner of the day, Filippo Ganna, Luke Plapp (INEOS Grenadiers) or even Thibaut Pinot (Groupama-FDJ).

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Circuit de la Sarthe – Pays de la Loire – Ranking #1

1 PEDERSEN Mads (Trek – Segafredo) the 192.3 km in 4:32:04
2 COSNEFROY Benoit (AG2R Citroen Team) mt
3 ZINGLE Axel (Cofidis) mt
4 VAUQUELIN Kevin (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
5 GANNA Filippo (INEOS Grenadiers) mt
6 PLAPP Luke (INEOS Grenadiers) mt
7 PINOT Thibaut (Groupama – FDJ) mt
8 QUINN Sean (EF Education-EasyPost) +0:05
9 GOUGEARD Alexis (B&B Hotels – KTM) + 0:07
10 PEREZ Anthony (Cofidis) + 0:21
11 MEURISSE Xandro (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
12 PICHON Laurent (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
13 SIMON Julien (TotalEnergies) mt
14 LEVEAU Jérémy (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) mt
15 KOOIJ Olav (Jumbo-Visma) mt
16 CHAMP Alexander (Trek – Segafredo) mt
17 MANZIN Lorrenzo (TotalEnergies) + 0:49
18 VAN DEN BERG Marijn (EF Education-EasyPost) mt
19 VIVIANI EliavINEOS Grenadiers) mt
20 FINE Eddy (Cofidis) mt

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21 CAVENDISH Mark (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) mt
22 STANNARD Robert (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
23 COUANON Jonathan (Métropole Côte d’Azur) mt
24 FRETIN Milan (Sport Flanders – Baloise) mt
25 MORIN Emmanuel (Team U Nantes Atlantique) mt
26 BARBIER PierrevB&B Hotels – KTM) mt
27 MENTEN MilanvBingoal Pauwels Sauces WB) mt
28 DE WILD Gilles (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise) mt
29 TABLELION Valentin (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) mt
30 MAURELET Flavien (St Michel – Auber93) mt
31 BARONCINI Filippo (Trek – Segafredo) mt
32 NAESEN LawrencevAG2R Citroen Team) mt
33 URRUTY MaximevNice Métropole Côte d’Azur) mt
34 COLMAN Alex (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise) mt
35 HOFSTETTER Hugo (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
36 VAN DEN BERG Julius (EF Education-EasyPost) mt
37 RAUGEL Antoine (AG2R Citroën Team) mt
38 VIVIANI Attilio (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB) mt
39 HEALY Ben (EF Education-EasyPost) mt
40 DE PESTEL Sander (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise) mt

41 PONOMAR Andrii (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli) mt
42 BAIS Mattia (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli) mt
43 CARDIS Romain (St Michel – Auber93) mt
44 RIOU Alan (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
45 VANHOOF Ward (Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise) mt
46 VAHTRA Norman (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) mt
47 NAKANE Hideto (EF Education-EasyPost) mt
48 SARREAU Marc (AG2R Citroën Team) mt
49 OURSELIN Paul (TotalEnergies) mt
50 CARISEY Clément (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) mt
51 FOX Alexis (Cofidis) mt
52 THOMAS Benjamin (Cofidis) mt
53 LIETAER Eliot (B&B Hotels – KTM) mt
54 VAN DEN BOSSCHE Fabio (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
55 LECROQ Jérémy (B&B Hotels – KTM) mt
56 HOELGAARD ​​​​​​Markus (Trek – Segafredo) mt
57 CHEVALIER Maxime (B&B Hotels – KTM) mt
58 BOUDAT Thomas (Go Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) mt
59 RENTAL Tony (St Michel – Auber93) mt
60 NAESEN Oliver (AG2R Citroën Team) mt

61 SAGAN Peter (TotalEnergies) mt
62 PENHOËT Paul (Groupama – FDJ) mt
63 ROLLAND Pierre (B&B Hotels – KTM) mt
64 FERRON Valentin (TotalEnergies) mt
65 WIRTGEN Luc (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB) mt
66 TIZZA Marco (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB) mt
67 VENTURINI Clement (AG2R Citroën Team) mt
68 LAKE Laurens (INEOS Grenadiers) mt
69 STEINHAUSER Georg (EF Education-EasyPost) mt
70 DECLERCQ Tim (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) mt
71 MARIAULT Axel (Team U Nantes Atlantique) mt
72 HARDY Romain (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
73 GUERNALEC Thibault (Team Arkea Samsic) mt
74 DEBEAUMARCHÉ Nicolas (St Michel – Auber93) mt
75 JEGAT Jordan (Team U Nantes Atlantique) mt
76 GUARNIERI Jacopo (Groupama – FDJ) + 1:05
77 VAN TRICHT Stan (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) + 1:09
78 THWAITES Scott (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
79 CIMOLAI Davide (Cofidis) mt
80 WELTEN Bram (Groupama – FDJ) + 1:13

81 KIRSCH Alex (Trek – Segafredo) + 1:17
82 MALDONADO Anthony (St Michel – Auber93) + 4:47
83 PAQUOT Tom (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB) mt
84 ABOVE Lars (Jumbo-Visma) + 5:34
85 PLUMS Rick (Jumbo-Visma) mt
86 WURF Cameron (INEOS Grenadiers) mt
87 VAN DIJKE Mick (Jumbo-Visma) mt
88 THE TIER Floris (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
89 LAMPAERT Yves (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) mt
90 JANSSENS Jimmy (Alpecin-Fenix) mt
91 VAN LERBERGHE Bert (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) mt
92 GUEGAN MaelvTeam U Nantes Atlantique) + 13:07
93 YELLOW Owen (Jumbo-Visma) + 14:50
94 RIVERA Brandon Smith (INEOS Grenadiers) mt
95 BENEDETTI Gabriele (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli) mt
96 VERMEULEN EmielvGo Sport – Roubaix Lille Métropole) + 24:03
97 RM Rait (Groupama – FDJ) mt
98 RICHARD Louis (Team U Nantes Atlantique) mt
99 SHARD Jason (St Michel – Auber93) mt
100 HENNEQUIN Paul (Métropole Côte d’Azur) mt
101 MARCHIORI Leonardo (Drone Hopper – Androni Giocattoli) mt

101 runners classified. 6 dropouts and 1 runner who doesn’t start

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