Comments: Real Madrid – Getafe

Real Madrid faced Getafe in La Liga today, matchday 31. Here are the notes attributed by our editors to the residents of Madrid.

Courteous – 6 : Not much to report for the Belgian to say the least. He had only one intervention to do at the end of the game.

Lucas Vazquez – 7 : Back on the right side of the defence, the Spaniard made a good copy, very neat. Little defensive work to do, but he was very active on his right lane and that happened with a goal.

Alaba – 7 : An excellent intervention on the half hour to avoid unpleasant surprises on the side of Madrid and a very solid game overall.

Militao – 7 : Solid performance also for the Brazilian white house defender.

Marcelo – 6.5 : For a player who plays relatively little, he fit perfectly into the collective dynamic and was a good support behind Vinicius. He hardly had to defend.

Casemiro – 7 : He misjudged a ball in the first half and came close to providing an assist for the visitors, but in the end it was he who opened the scoring for Madrid. A bit of a waste but a good game from the Brazilian.

Valverde – 7 : He regained his position in the middle three and was excellent, unsurprisingly. A large playing volume, a large activity and a duo with Camavinga that allows Real to exert a lot of pressure.

Camavinga – 8 : The man of the match tonight on the side of Madrid. The Frenchman took this opportunity to shine. Intensity, combativeness and all this coupled with technical accuracy. Big game tonight.

Rodrygo – 6 : We always feel like he lacks something to pass in a higher dimension, nevertheless he was quite hard tonight and provides an assist.

Vinicius – 7.5 : In the game we found the Vinicius of the first part of the season, the one who constantly provokes his opponent and has no lack of inspiration to take him out. He was unstoppable tonight and managed to make a beautiful cross from the outside of the foot.

Benzema: 6.5 : He didn’t score (yes, but offside) but de Nueve managed to put himself in the service of the collective. He didn’t force anything and played his game.

Ancelotti: 7 – A good game, a win and the playing time of the players perfectly managed. The Italian left Mendy, Kroos and Modric on the sidelines, Benzema came off, Casemiro, Alaba and Vinicius also came out halfway through the game. The evening was perfect.

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