Dupraz announces another great comeback after Khazri and reassures after the Lorient quack

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The health point:

“Hamouma is in re-athletics, Khazri is back and Neyou is suspended. The goal for Wahbi is to have him back for the next 7 games. It’s the first time I see him in full swing, the goal is not to get rid of him. Moueffek, Gnagnon, Sacko are forfeited. Mason, I hope I can use it next week. Zeug is not ready enough yet and will object to the reserve. I made a group of 20 players 48 hours into the game. †

The Lorient slap is engraved:

“It is a new hatch that opens. There was one after Bergerac, Lorient is similar. There will be one after Lorient. I don’t want to talk about this match against Lorient anymore for many reasons. It’s a crushing defeat. It seemed to me that the players were zapping slower than other matches. My superiors responded well the next day when they met the players. †

Dupraz still as determined:

“The goal is always the same and with seven days we are in phase despite this hitch. My comments about the executives before the game against Lorient were more of a sign of confidence than pressure. The sign of confidence is 15 points in 13 games. It’s a good sign if you’re feeling tense. I am determined. The behavior of the players must be underlined, they take initiatives, even if they don’t do everything right. †

The reasons for such a hiccup:

“In Lorient, I think it’s a problem of the perception of the event and its course. We thought too fast to win. Part of the team wanted third place, and another was more pragmatic, so we lost the thread. Despite everything, a penalty could have been called on Arnaud, who also has a 3-2 ball. †

The maintenance recipe:

“ASSE’s rescue will depend on his defensive prowess. We had corrected well, but in these last two games we were handicapped. Players must have enough clarity in leading matches to win enough. The amplitude of the score in Lorient is extravagant and impressive. Losing an advance is part of the risk. It’s really the size that surprises, especially when you see the start. There is no wear. Gloom or gloom is contagious as enthusiasm. There are still 7 games to go, we just lost 6-2, we have been verbally abused. It is an exceptional challenge, you could not wish for more. †

Brest essential to continue with Bordeaux

“To make the game against Bordeaux important, we have to play a good game against Brest. I understand the anger of the supporters, but they are not alone. I hope they are behind us. I don’t think we lost on purpose. Loïc also conducted individual interviews, just like me. I wanted to focus his appointments on a more than realistic optimism. Sales ? I am neither a shareholder nor a seller. I am only the coach of a team that is still recovering, so the sale of the club is not an issue. †

to summarize

ASSE coach Pascal Dupraz attended a press conference on behalf of the 32nd day of Ligue 1 (5 pm) two days before the Stade Brestois received. The Greens coach gave news about his group.

Bastien Aubert

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