Everything points to Tiger Woods going to play the Masters… with new shoes

Radiant, Tiger Woods arrived in Augusta early Sunday afternoon for his second leg of exploration in less than a week. After a short practice session, the five-time winner played the 9 return holes without showing the slightest sign of pain.

Nothing has changed except for the shoes.

Just over 13 months after his horrific car accident in Los Angeles, 3 years after his unforgettable fifth success in Georgia, Tiger Woods is back on the driving range of “his” Augusta.

As if nothing had happened, Tiger warmed up for 20 minutes and finished his session as usual with a couple of fairwaywoods and seven drives, under the watchful eye of a Billy Horschela little subdued by the ease of the man with the 5 green coats.

“The way the club moves, the speed. It gives the same impression as the Tiger before the accident. It seems out of place, declared the winner of the FedEx Cup 2014 on the website of PGA tour

New shoes

So only a small difference, the shoes that Tiger Woods wears. From FootJoy Premieres Series instead of that of its equipment supplier for more than 20 years on the decimal point.

There is no doubt that it is not a matter of coquetry, but rather a choice dictated by her quest for comfort and stability in relation to the condition of her leg. since the accident that nearly cost him an amputation.

Woods mainly thinks about taking care of himself on a physically demanding course. Beside, Nike explained in a press release to partner with the Tiger to meet its new needs.

The signs are unmistakable

When this short session was over, Woods went to the tee on the 10th and played the back 9 holes. His second recon in less than a week on the Augusta course. His broad smile, the candid hugs, his swing, his proud head position, so many signs that don’t lie.

Tiger is happy to be there and wants to fight it out. As if he wants to prove to himself and us other poor mortals that he has come out of this new ordeal.

Other favorable clues, Tiger planted the flag on 12 and hit the green in two of the 15 back re-starts as at the height of his dominance.

In the firmament of Sport

Earlier today, the Masters announced the interview schedule for the next two days. Woods will face the media at 11 a.m. on Tuesday at a highly anticipated press conference (5 p.m. in France).

If he announces that he will be good at the start of the 86th Masters, as everything now seems to indicate, it is because he feels able to compete with the best. Woods, who has finished on the podium 8 times (including 5 successes) and achieved a total of 14 top 10 finishes in 21 appearances, will he be able to compete for the win?

He, who has the lowest scoring average in tournament history among players who have played at least 50 games at the Masters, is not the favorite, but if he wins and wins a 16th Major title, it would undoubtedly be the biggest comeback of all. all times!

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