Fights, clashes and tensions in the locker room

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Brawl Saint-Etienne Mahdi Camara

A few days before a crucial maintenance meeting in Lorient, Greens midfielder Mahdi Camara was banned for five days by his management and will miss Friday night’s trip to Morbihan.

A company that started during ASSE – OM

On Sunday afternoon, Saint-Etienne bowed heavily to the crowd against Marseille (2-4). Holder on the defensive in a three-centre hinge, the former Saint-Etienne captain had a complicated game. It could have stopped there, but in the stands individuals would have taken the opportunity to insult a few players, including Mahdi Camara himself, as well as his mother. Bad luck, his brother and mother were present in Geoffroy-Guichard’s residence. On hearing these insults, Camara’s brother would have gone to the author of these insults and would have come hand in hand with himthe scene was captured by the stadium’s surveillance cameras.

Camara didn’t want to stop there

Yesterday afternoon, the 23-year-old learned that one of the spectators involved in the scuffle was Yanis Bourbia, one of AS Saint-Etienne’s reserve goalkeepers, who reportedly enjoyed physically attacking Mahdi Camara’s brother. The latter therefore decided to go to the reserve training center to ask Bourbia to apologize to him, but the latter refused. Camara’s response was overwhelming and the two men fought for other club employees.

Penalties for both players

Immediately received by his management, the player of the professional team has been fired for a period of five days and at the same time he will miss the capital match of his people this Friday in Lorient, on behalf of the 31st day of the Championship, in addition to having a salary suspension. He is also not allowed to train with the group for the time being. As for Yanis Bourbia, he had to be hospitalized before he was called up too. He also exposes himself to financial sanctions, even though he flatly denies insulting Mahdi Camara’s mother. The father of the reservist goalkeeper would have indicated that he wanted to file a complaint against the latter for intentional assault and mistreatment.

A new controversy in Ligue 1

A few days later Kylian Mbappé’s tweet that clashed with the sports betting site Winamax is a new issue that has shed a lot of ink in the French championship.

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