Foot OL – OL: Lacazette attacks Bosz, French coach arrives – Olympique Lyonnais

The Peter Bosz era will soon end in Lyon, and tongues will begin to run wild over the order that led Jean-Michel Aulas to decide suddenly. To replace him, OL returns to base.

The draw that Olympique Lyonnais had to allow against Toulouse on Friday evening will probably be the last official outing of Peter Bosz as coach of the Rhône club. Because according to various sources, the future of the Dutch technician played out in the corridors of Groupama Stadium and the latter understood that he had been let loose. Because the words of Alexandre Lacazette on Prime Video, the OL star striker who questions his coach’s tactical choices, were obviously not appreciated by Peter Bosz, who made it known directly to the former Arsenal player. ” Bosz saw it as a form of betrayal on the part of a man to whom he gave the bracelet (…) The exchange did not last long, less than 10 seconds, but Bosz had a lot on his mind, not understanding that with his experience, Lacazette attacking him head on “, explains Hervé Penot in L’Equipe. And this exchange necessarily made the Lyon leaders think.

OL install Claudio Caçapa while waiting for a coach

Next Sunday is a rest day at Groupama Stadium, with OL players expected to resume training on Monday, and things could suddenly pick up speed so that a decision can be made in the coming hours to make the best possible trip to Rennes next weekend. to prepare. For the sports day, it is Claudio Caçapa who urgently needs to replace Peter Bosz, at least until the formalization of the sale of the club by Jean-Michel Aulas to John Textor, which is still scheduled for October 21. And it is clear that the American businessman will be consulted on this choice which also concerns the future of his future club. According to the sports newspaper and Le Progrès, if Laurent Blanc’s name is mentioned every time, other tracks are circulating all with a common point, namely that OL wants to return to a French technician, the experiences that Sylvinho and Peter Bosz have not been paid . Meanwhile, the boss of Olympique Lyonnais has been completely silent since Friday night, which is unlike him.