Foot OL – OM still preferred OL, W9 has a new excuse – Olympique Lyonnais

Contrary to its criterium based on French teams at home, W9 has opted to broadcast the Conference League match between PAOK Saloniki and Olympique de Marseille next Thursday, to the detriment of Olympique Lyonnais. Suddenly the M6 ​​group had to look for a new argument.

The statements of the M6 ​​group are starting to get confused. This week, the W9 channel chose to broadcast the first leg of the Conference League quarter-final between Olympique de Marseille and PAOK Saloniki (2-1), at the expense of the Europa League match between West Ham and Olympic Lyonnais (1-1). Enough to provoke criticism from Rhone President Jean-Michel Aulas. Faced with the controversy, Frédéric de Vincelles, general director of programs in charge of platforms and sports at M6, justified himself by explaining that the channel preferred matches where French teams play at home.

We therefore expected that Les Gones would be free next Thursday for their return game at Groupama Stadium. But no, the M6 ​​group has again opted for OM, expected in Greece anyway. † There it was felt that the sporting interest prevailed over the concept of a home or away match.defended Frédéric de Vincelles, in comments from Olympique-et-lyonnais. In the end, the choice is quite simple. It is true that there is not a huge difference in sporting interest between Lyon’s draw in the first leg and Marseille’s victory by goal, but we think Marseille are in a good position to qualify.

In addition to this new criterion, the manager recalls that Lyon has ” broadcast as much as OM in chickens† And if it is still necessary to convince OL and their supporters, Frédéric de Vincelles is already considering a favorable choice for the Lyonnais in qualifying. † I don’t want to get involved now, but it is very likely that if Lyon qualify and Barcelona qualify at the same time, there is no need to remind me of a debate between Lyon and Marseille. There is a good chance that we will broadcast the match between Lyon and Barcelona ‘, the sports boss of M6 introduced himself, carefully avoiding the hearings.

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