Foot OL – W9 laughs at Lyon, prefers “Les Marseillais against PAOK” – Olympique Lyonnais

The match between OL and West Ham, which is scheduled for Thursday evening, will not go unencrypted, as W9 has chosen to give PAOK-OM live. The chain does not dare to admit clearly that it has chosen the public rather than the level of the competition.

Between the Europa League and the brand new Conference League, W9 has chosen its side by preferably broadcasting Olympique de Marseille’s two matches against Greek club PAOK in public. If the station’s managers were honest, they would dare say that OM has a lot more audience than OL, it’s a reality and no one can deny it. But it is by trying to drown the fish that the leaders of the chain of the M6 ​​group justify the choice to put aside the quarter-final second leg of the Europa League between Lyon and West Ham, when the tension has been total since the two clubs made it 1-1 in the first leg. On RMC, Frédéric de Vincelles, sports boss of the channel, explains this decision while taking into account that an OL-Barça could be on the menu for a semi-final and then the Europa League could become a big trophy again . In other words, the leader of the M6 ​​group remains politically correct.

W9 justifies its choice without wanting to offend Olympique Lyonnais

Even though he knows it irritates Jean-Michel Aulas, Frédéric de Vincelles pretends nothing happened† † There isn’t a huge gap between Lyon’s first leg draw and OM’s win, but we tell ourselves that Marseille is in a good position to qualify and we want to bring this qualification to life on the aerial, even if we that of course fervently wishing Lyon is also eligible. In addition, if Lyon qualify and so do Barca, it is very likely that we will broadcast the match between OL and Barca in the next round. Yes, it’s the Europa League, a more prestigious and older league, but we have the rights to the Europa League and the Conference League, it’s important for us to promote this league as well. That it means something in the minds of football fans and viewers. So the more we broadcast matches of this league, the more we talk about it and the more it increases in value. By choosing to do so, we give value to a competition whose relatively expensive rights we have purchased. We have to appreciate them too “explains the leader of the station, who has not forgotten that last week W9 had its best audience for a football match with OM-PAOK. For the channel that broadcasts The people of Marseille », there was no choice.

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