Foot OM – OM-PAOK: Heavy accusations after chaos in Marseille

Last week, supporters of PAOK Saloniki caused a dispute in Marseille before the match against OM on Thursday evening in the Vélodrome.

The Greek club’s hooligans caused a monumental disorder in the city of Marseille and on the grounds of the Orange Vélodrome on the sidelines of the Europa League Conference game between Marseille Olympics and PAOK Salonika, last Thursday. After Marseille’s 2-1 victory, the club condemned the attitude of the Greek supporters, who left their stands in a sorry state with chairs and toilets ripped off. A deplorable and very deplorable attitude, but for which the Public Prosecution Service and PAOK Saloniki are not solely responsible, according to Pierre Barthélémy, lawyer specialized in the supporters world. Asked by Ouest-France, the lawyer regrets the attitude of the prefecture and more generally of the French authorities, which are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the movement of supporters. Which gets dangerous.

“It is difficult to say whether the authorities were naive, but it is certain that there were failures. After the game against Basel, we had already seen that this system of prefectural decree which prohibits visiting supporters from certain districts but does not organize their arrival, did not make it possible to avoid the risk of incidents. The prefectures tend to believe that their decrees will deter visiting supporters from coming to the banned perimeters. Except that the hooligans, who already come to commit crimes, don’t care. explains the specialized lawyer before going further by pointing out the responsibilities of the authorities. “We see that by systematically banning supporter movements, we no longer know how to manage them. It is no coincidence that there are so regular incidents with visiting supporters at international matches. The French police will never again be trained to organize the movement of supporters to risky matches. And again, French supporters are otherwise less at risk than some of their foreign counterparts. he regrets it. Evidence that the French authorities no longer know how to arrange travel, that of OM supporters in the Parc des Princes before Sunday night’s shock against PSG has been banned again, again due to reciprocity as those from Paris were not allowed to go to the Vélodrome .

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