Foot PSG – PSG: Lionel Messi gets spat on in Barcelona

In dire straits at Paris SG, Lionel Messi hasn’t raised the crowd since signing for the Paris club. But Barca clearly don’t want any more.

A very disappointing first season for the one who was elected Ballon d’Or, and did not justify this status on the spot afterwards. His departure from FC Barcelona still doesn’t seem to have been fully processed, so much so that his name is sometimes whispered at the intersections of Camp Nou. It must be said that the Catalan club, destitute a year ago and unable to offer a contract to its legendary number 10, found tickets under its mattress to carry out a strong recruitment and to ogle new players for next summer . But Lionel Messi is not part of FC Barcelona’s plans, and Joan Laporta has made that clear.

The relationship between Messi and Laporta is bad

A disgrace to the Barça president, who was re-elected for pinning the behavior and actions of his predecessor Josep Maria Bartomeu, but also for emphasizing his close connection to the Messi clan, which was not false. But the disagreement over an extension marked a real rift that the Barcelona leader recognized without difficulty. † My relationship with Messi is not very cordial anymore. But I would still like to have Leo with me for the inauguration of the new Camp Nou. The Camp Nou will always be his home”Joan Laporta sent to local radio RAC 1. A speech that has the merit of highlighting the disagreement over Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona last summer, when the Argentinian went to the PSG by simply not receiving contract offers from his lifetime club.

Barca don’t dream of Messi

And there won’t be any new offers going forward, with Messi at the center of his adventure with Paris SG. † There are no talks with Lionel Messi and a possible return to Barca. The reality is that we don’t consider this possibility at all. Leo is Leo, he’s the best of them all, but deals like this are not in our plans “Said Joan Laporta, just to make it clear that it was impossible for Messi to return to Barca as a player. And yet there had been some echoes lately from the dressing room to gauge a possible return of the Argentine. Jordi Alba has publicly supported it, although players like Gerard Pique are often singled out as the ones who pushed Messi out, his great friend Xavi would at least be in favor of it, but it seems this return is not in his plans at all. Paris SG, not even that of the player, who has already confided to his family that he intended not to stop after a first season of failure in Paris, and that he intended to spend his second season in a better way. honor at PSG.