Foot PSG – PSG: Neymar did not respect his contract

Far from his best level, Neymar has disappointed Paris Saint-Germain. Qatari leaders had expected much more from the Brazilian who, according to Eric Rabesandratana, did not respect the club’s investment.

In retrospect, the Paris Saint Germain certainly regrets the extension granted to Neymar in May. The capital club had offered the playmaker a new contract until 2025, of course with a very comfortable salary. A reward the Brazilian didn’t necessarily deserve. In fact, Qatar’s leaders believe the former FC Barcelona player has not done enough given the expectations and the €222 million investment. Therefore, in a dossier dedicated to Neymar, L’Equipe wonders if he can find his best level yet. The question deserves to be asked according to Eric Rabesandratana, also disappointed with number 10.

Neymar lacks seriousness, but PSG pay him anyway

We ask whether it is wondering or whether it can still sublimate itself. It may be a bit violent, but it’s the truthFrance Bleu Paris columnist approved. (…) Today we can see that Neymar has had several failures at PSG. He excelled occasionally, but certainly not enough compared to the club’s investment. I’m not talking about financial investments, even if that’s one of the things, but about the intellectual, emotional and sporting aspect that Neymar ultimately disrespected in his contract, through his behavior and many other things.

Neymar did not respect his contract with Paris

Even if the injuries are a factor, his performance doesn’t match his talent. His intellectual and professional investment is disproportionate to his talent. This is what is sad compared to Neymar. A Neymar in top form is a Neymar who is capable at any point in the game simply because he wants to get the ball, dribble everyone and score. It’s still great lamented the former Parisian, not at all sure to see this still sparkling player not so long ago.

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