Football club cancels youth training in protest against aggressive attitude of parents

It was the last straw. The leaders of the AC Ile-de-France club Boulogne Billancourt took a drastic decision on Saturday in the Marcel Bec stadium, after yet another overflow from the parents of football players: cancel the training purely on Wednesday 13 April. According to the ParisianThis decision was taken by the steering committee that met on Monday afternoon.

“After the resurgence of verbal and physical attacks in recent weeks and faced with the aggressiveness of some parents towards our educators, the Club takes the decision to cancel all training sessions on Wednesday, April 13, in order to make the whole world aware of the face of this unacceptable behaviour, the club wrote on Twitter. We remind you that our sport is a hobby, even in competition, it is practiced and will always be practiced in the sense of a game where fun and our values ​​remain the priority for our young people”.

A meeting with educators scheduled for Wednesday

It is not the first time that the club has been confronted with such behavior (witness This article published on the club’s website in… 2017). Also this season again according to our colleagues from Parisianseveral problems have enamelled the season for teams of young acebes: here a mother insulting an educator in the middle of a match, there parents of players about to battle it out in a U7 category tournament… The club has therefore decided to respond.

“Some parents do not accept that their son is a substitute and have an inappropriate attitude, football department president Pascal Quatrehomme told the newspaper. Parisian† We want to mark this occasion by bringing all educators together this Wednesday. We already had a session with the parents at the beginning of the season to explain to them that the green rectangle is sacred, but we will do that soon. If the parents don’t agree to see their surrogate child, how can they understand? †

Far from being an isolated case, the ACBB is just one of many other clubs that are victims of verbal and sometimes physical abuse every weekend from parents who are convinced they are all a Mbappe in power at home, while at the same time forgetting that their children are mainly on the field to have fun.

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