Football England – PL: Cristiano Ronaldo at Arsenal, the blow of madness

Scorer with Manchester United against Arsenal last Saturday in the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo made his match despite difficult personal circumstances. The same can’t necessarily be said of his teammates.

Cristiano Ronaldo returned from Manchester United last summer with great ambitions. The five-time Portuguese Ballon d’Or set out to compete for the Premier League title and go as far as possible in the Champions League. But it is clear that the Red Devils are far wrong. The European course came to an abrupt end against Atlético Madrid in the round of 16 and the club may not even play in the Champions League next season. Saturday’s defeat to Arsenal (1-3) is indeed very bad for Manchester United. However, Cristiano Ronaldo scored and got the job done. But it wasn’t enough for Ralf Rangnick’s men, collectively and individually too feverish to hope for anything in the Emirates. On the side of some observers, we hope to see CR7 leave Manchester United. Famous English journalist Piers Morgan wants to see him at… Arsenal!

Arsenal, the perfect match for Ronaldo

At the end of the season, Manchester United fans are crying, but Arsenal fans are cheering. After years of drought, The Gunners are close to finishing in the Premier League Big 4. When qualifying for the next Champions League, fans want a lot of recruitment. Star journalist Piers Morgan, close to Arsenal, wants him to see Cristiano Ronaldo leave the “arrogantfrom United to join Mikel Arteta’s men. Do you know what I would do if I were Arsenal manager? I would go for Cristiano Ronaldo. I had this conversation with him last week. I said ‘come to Arsenal’. (…) United have a lot more talented players on paper and a lot more experienced players, but they don’t have the right attitude. The mental attitude is shocking. Arsenal have young, hungry, promising guys with a good attitude. If he doesn’t stay at United I would take him in a heartbeat. My message to these young United stars is that you are talented, but your egos are spiraling out of control and you should ask Ronaldo for advice. (…) There is an arrogance about these players that we don’t have at Arsenal,” delivered to the consultant. As they say, hope gives life, but Cristiano Ronaldo has already proven in the past that he can surprise his fans, who was very close to a transfer to Manchester City last summer.