Football Ligue 1 – Dimitri Payet and other athletes are calling for against Marine Le Pen . to vote

A group of 50 prestigious former or current athletes spoke to the media to call for a blockade against Marine Le Pen. Six football players are concerned.

The sports world has been under a lot of scrutiny in recent weeks due to the magnitude of the displays of support for Ukraine, the victim of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Russia. Another important political event at the moment is the presidential election. Since this Sunday, the verdict of the first round has fallen and the “final” will face outgoing President Emmanuel Macron against Marine Le Pen, as in 2017. A duel that provoked a reaction in the sports world, where a collective of 50 athletes of all disciplines has decided to take the floor to vote for Emmanuel Macron, and above all to oppose the values ​​of Marine Le Pen and the National Rally. A plea against the far right that brought together current or past very famous athletes in France such as Tony Parker, Marie-José Pérec, Nicola Karabatic, Brahim Asloum, Alain Bernard, Stéphane Diagana, Antoine Dupont and Pierre Gasly to become the greatest French champions. As for football, the presence is much timid, with three players such as Laure Boulleau, Eugénie Le Sommer and Amandine Henry, and three internationals, former or present, since OM playmaker Dimitri Payet, Blaise Matuidi and Jean-Pierre Papin signed this commitment. .

Call to vote before April 24

I declare the Paris Games open in honor of the 33rd Olympiad of the modern era. With these words, it will be up to the next head of state to officially open the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We French athletes from all walks of life and all disciplines can only imagine this historic moment. the seal of a far-right presidency. Being fully aware of the difficulties many French people are going through, we are convinced that voting for a party that would endanger republican values ​​would be the worst remedy. The sport we believe in, that of the values ​​of Olympism, is made of friendship and respect; it is the place of diversity. He rejects all discrimination. All over the territory, in our cities, our suburbs and our countryside, sport is a powerful tool against exclusion. It is because we believe in this sport, brotherly and inclusive, that we are committed to preventing our nation from being led by a president who embodies the exact opposite, the stigmatization of the other, the withdrawal in oneself, nationalism. And that’s why we call on to vote for Emmanuel Macron on April 24th This collective said in a press release from Le Parisien and France Info. This collective therefore takes a clear position for the outgoing president, but is especially against Marine Le Pen with a view to the second round, which will take place on April 24.

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