Formula 1 | Krack defends Vettel and wants to understand his mistakes in Melbourne

Sebastian Vettel had a disastrous return to competition in Melbourne after missing the first two races of the season. The Aston Martin F1 driver had two crashes and a breakdown, and one elimination in Q1.

His boss, Mike Krack, rules out the driver’s problem. He promises that the team will do everything they can to understand the origins of the four-time world champion off the track, as well as the AMR22’s lack of performance.

“I think it really helps us” said Krak. “I’m happy that Seb is okay after all these incidents, but I think if someone like him, a four-time world champion, has these problems, it’s not because he isn’t driving well.

“He drove the car well. We really need to look at what the car gives him, what feedback he gets from it. It’s not normal for him to have as many problems as this weekend. -end.”

Krack wants to find real reasons for this problem as Vettel has never suffered so much in Melbourne: “I don’t think it has to do with missing two races. I mean he was a multiple winner in Melbourne.”

“He knows where he is, he has tested the car. I think it would be too easy to say that he was not here for two weekends. With a driver of this class we really have to see what tools we give him.”

The aero of the AMR22 as the origin of evil?

The former from BMW then explained where the AMR22 lagged, especially in aerodynamics. He explains how poor aerodynamic performance is currently the root of all his team’s problems.

“If you don’t perform well in Formula 1, it is normally quite easy to identify why teams are performing well and others are not, according to the aerodynamics and weight of the car.”

“While we’ve made progress on weight, we’re still struggling with aerodynamics. That’s something we really need to focus on. I don’t want to go into detail, but the level of performance is normally inherent in this field. “

“For us it’s the same, everything becomes much more difficult. The more good aero you have, the easier everything becomes. The pilots are happy, the results are a little better, so everything becomes easier. In doubt.”

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