Formula 1 | Statistics after the Australian Grand Prix

As after any Grand Prix, it’s time to discover the most notable stats, the records that have been broken, the notable series that are still going on or those that stopped last weekend…

the qualifications

No driver other than Lewis Hamilton had ever managed to take pole position in Melbourne during the hybrid era.

5th on the grid, Lewis Hamilton had consistently qualified in Australia’s top 3 since 2010 (11th then with McLaren in qualifying).

Charles Leclerc also became the first Ferrari driver to take pole in Melbourne since Kimi Räikkönen in 2007 – the year of the title.

Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, screwed it up: he became the first Ferrari driver since 2014 to qualify outside the top 5 in Melbourne.

Sergio Pérez only came into Q3 in Melbourne for his second career.

4th, Lando Norris signed the best qualifying session for McLaren since Kevin Magnussen also finished 4th for the team in 2014.

7th, Daniel Ricciardo had never started better in Melbourne since 2015 (6th).

Alpine has always placed at least one of its cars in Q3 this year.

Only five teams made it to Q3, which is the minimum possible.

For AlphaTauri that means 3 Australian Grands Prix in a row without Q3.

This is the first time that Mick Schumacher defeated Kevin Magnussen in qualifying at Haas.

Sebastian Vettel missed Q3 in Melbourne for the first time.

But the most striking statistic from these qualifiers was that of Valtteri Bottas: the Finn’s run of 103 Q3s in a row is coming to an end. A series that also started in Melbourne in 2017, for the first Finnish Grand Prix with Mercedes.

the race

Pole position, fastest lap, victory and every lap led: Charles Leclerc became the 26th driver in Melbourne F1 history to sign a Grand Slam.

Ferrari’s previous Grand Slam was in 2010 (Fernando Alonso in Singapore).

This is the 42nd Grand Slam for Ferrari.

Leclerc is also the first driver since Sebastian Vettel in 2019 to set the fastest lap in 3 GPs in a row.

71 points out of a possible 75: Leclerc had the best start to the season since Rosberg in 2016.

Charles Leclerc has won 100% of his Grands Prix (4) from pole position.

The Ferrari driver is 34 points ahead of George Russell – never before was there such a big gap between 1st and 2nd in the championship last year. Not even since 2016 between Rosberg and Hamilton.

3rd, George Russell signed his first podium with Mercedes and was never better placed in a championship (2nd).

Mercedes has always finished on the podium in Australia since 2014.

It is Mercedes that scored the most points in the constructors’ standings in Australia (27 points against 26 for Ferrari).

Esteban Ocon always finished in the top 7 this year.

Alexander Albon opened the scoring for Williams – the first points for the Grove team in Melbourne since 2017.

Only Aston Martin F1 has so far not scored points in the constructors’ standings.

Grimace soup for Max Verstappen: the Dutchman has only seen the finish once in three Grands Prix.

End of series for Carlos Sainz finally: the Spaniard was in points in 17 races in a row, and even finished 31 Grands Prix in a row.

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