Formula 1 | Team leaders welcome VW’s entry into F1

The Volkswagen group has confirmed its desire to enter F1 by 2026, when the new engine regulations will arrive. Audi and Porsche could get there, which delights Frédéric Vasseur. The Alfa Romeo F1 director sees this as the positive dynamic in which Formula 1 is located.

“As a team it’s a bit different because I think the biggest change in the regulations is with the engine supplier, whether they should be considered newcomers or not.” notes Vasseur. “But it’s not on the side of the team.”

“For me it’s more on the engine supplier side. It will definitely be a huge new dynamic for F1. If you look, three years ago we were worried about the future because we didn’t have enough engine suppliers.”

“Now you have one or two new brands in, so it would be nice if that happens. I think the engine suppliers have already done their best to make a deal with them. And I hope that will work.”

Toto Wolff agrees with his counterpart on the signal Volkswagen’s arrival in F1 is sending: “Yes, it’s great that the Volkswagen group is joining Formula 1. It’s a fantastic brand that increases the credibility of what we do. And they are competitors.”

“But as far as I understand there is no firm commitment yet. They are ready to lay their cards on the table for settlements, but until that commitment is actually confirmed we can’t really know what the plans are.”

Alpine F1 director Otmar Szafnauer is also pleased with this idea and is confident that the FIA ​​will integrate these new engine manufacturers well: “It’s an indication that our sport is attractive, which is great.”

“And it’s fantastic for a brand like the Volkswagen Group to consider coming to Formula 1, as said. Once that decision is made, I’m sure the FIA ​​will ensure that the foundation for the game is even between the engines.” manufacturers who are here, and who have been here a long time.”

Audi initially wanted to buy McLaren, but the decision seems to be off. Rumors point to a link for an Aston Martin F1 partnership. Toto Wolff, Mercedes F1 director and partner of Aston Martin, wants to be careful.

“We only hear these things through the news. The relationship we have with Aston Martin goes beyond the race team. It’s deeply rooted in the auto industry. So that’s where we are. We really appreciate this partnership. But I have no other information.”

Sauber would also be VW, but Vasseur also denies it: “No, I have absolutely no information about the discussion between the Sauber Group and the Volkswagen Group and so far we are focused on our day-to-day business and nothing else.”

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