French Championships 10 km: Gressier at home

French Championships 10 km: Gressier at home

Jimmy Gressier will be the star of the national 10 km meeting, contested this Saturday in Boulogne-sur-Mer, the city where he grew up and whose colors he wears. A big favourite, he will still have to be wary of the likes of Félix Bour, Corentin Le Roy and Bastien Augusto. In the women’s race, the race looks more uncertain with many contenders for the win including Fadouwa Ledhem, Marion Legrand and Julie Chuberre.

Saturday evening there is atmosphere in the streets of Boulogne-sur-Mer. Jimmy Gressier, the child of the country who grew up in the Chemin-Vert neighborhood, will not miss supporters on the side of the road. Headlining this edition of the 2022 French Championships, literally and figuratively, as it was logically chosen to illustrate the visual representation of the event, the founder of Boulogne-sur-Mer AC is running home with one goal in mind: the national title, which he has already won twice, in 2017 in Aubagne and in 2019 in Canet Plage.
After a short but busy winter season, with three stages on the circuit, notably marked by a personal best over 1500 m indoor in 3’37”41, the protégé of Adrien Taouji and Arnaud Dinielle was able to make a good break of ten. days, before gradually resuming training. He comes from four big weeks of preparation, three of which at high altitudes in Font-Romeu, in the cold and the wind, and sometimes even in the snow.

The championship record in the strings

He can already run very fast over 10 kmsays Adrien Taouji. It is a good practice test and a good springboard for the future. The goal is to secure the win, even if he will no doubt impose his rhythm. “Exceeding his personal best (27’43”), the Northerner will have his sights set on first, on a route announced as rolling, the championship record held by Morhad Amdouni in 28’27” since last year. He will leave the day after the French Championships for a three-week training session in Potchefstroom (South Africa), for his first major meetings of the summer (5,000 m at the Montgeron meeting on 15 May and 10,000 m at the European Cup in Pacé on May 28, if selected).
Felix Bour (Racing Multi Athlon) and Bastien Augusto (Bourges Entente Athlétisme) will try to hold on to the pass of . as long as possible Jimmy Gressier† The first, after physical glitches, made its comeback on March 13 at the long cross of the French Championships, with a promising fifth place at the French level. A race in which Bastien Augusto distinguished himself by climbing to the second step of the podium. Both men have the potential to drop below 28’30”. Among the hopefuls, Pierre Bordeauclub mate of Felix Bourwill leave in favor of the predictions.

Ledhem will have a lot to do

In the women’s race, big battle in perspective with nearly a dozen athletes who can dream of gold. the experienced Fadouwa Ledhem (Racing Multi Athlon), timed 33’31” in Cannes on March 6, has the best entry time. His club mate Marion Legrand is ambushed, just like Julie Chuberre (Athletic three towers), Lucie Lang (Lille Metropolis Athletics), Garance Blue (Racing Multiathlon), Melanie Allier (EA Rhône Vercors 26 07), or even Cecilia Mobuchon (Racing Multiathlon). Athletes who have all fallen below 34’30” in 2021 or 2022.

Masters and juniors together for men

At master 1 Mathilde Chachignon (Val d’Europe Athlétisme), with the title in the long cross in this category in Les Mureaux, will be the athlete to beat. Among the men, who will compete alongside the juniors in a traditional and often explosive mix of generations, El Hassane Ben Lkhainouch (Alès Cevennes Athletics) and Najim Habric (COS Villers Athlétisme) must fight for the victory. But beware of the scratch on the half-founder U20 Joad Martinho (Dynamic Aulnay Club), who just set a time of 29’45”.


French Championships 10 km

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