Galtier’s explanation of the “insult” that gave Ramos red during Reims-PSG

As you might suspect, the Spanish defender made inappropriate comments during the draw between Reims and PSG on Saturday, in Auguste-Delaune.

Sergio Ramos saw red on Saturday. All but a first for the rough 36-year-old Spanish defender, who was kicked out of Lorient as early as December 2021 after being shown two yellow cards within five minutes. Saturday, during the draw between PSG and Reims (0-0) at the Auguste-Delaune stadium, he first took a warning at the end of the first period of this generally tense game. The world champion and two-time European champion had come to dispute with a little too much vehement a mistake attributed to Marco Verratti. After being replaced, it is a direct red that Pierre Gaillouste attributed to the former Real star, in the 41st minute of this encounter of the 10th day of Ligue 1. It remains to be seen what caused this reaction from the referee. Those who imagined inappropriate words were right.

It was Christophe Galtier who confirmed it. “I experienced that three, three and a half years ago with a foreign player who let go of a word that we unfortunately release in training. I know Sergio Ramos very well. I am not convinced that the insult was directed against the referee. It’s a training insult, which we hear all the time on a pitch, which we hear a lot in Spain“, the 56-year-old Parisian coach first explained, in front of the cameras of Channel+.

I’m sure Sergio didn’t mean to offend the referee.

Christophe Galtier

He did the after-sales service at a press conference, not failing to scratch the referee as he passed. “It’s a problem, not cultural, but football language. I’m sure Sergio didn’t mean to offend the referee, he just used an expression I hear hundreds of times all week on the pitch, in the competition, when you’re angry you have words that are not addressed to a person , it is an expression. I think the referee may have lacked judgment and took that word for himself. I already had the same problem with José Fonte at Nîmes-Lille (the Portuguese defender was suspended in December 2018, editor’s note). The referee took it as an insult to him as it was a phrase often said on the pitch“, pleads “Galette”.

Note that in this match PSG was dealt six cards, five yellows and one red. Three warnings for the Rémois. Mr. Gaillouste therefore had a hard hand and often seemed overwhelmed, even if it should be noted that this meeting was marked by great nervousness, on both sides, especially on the part of the Parisians. Mr Gaillouste, it was he who had handed out four red cards in a recent Metz-Guingamp (3-6) in Ligue 2. On his “winner’s list” since the start of the season, in six L1 and L2 matches, 26 yellow and six red.

Paris defenseless against OM

So there was a lot of nervousness in the three sides, the teams and the refereeing organization, which led to this kind of game, I can’t explain itsaid Galtier again, lamenting that some of his players will “Missing games on stupid suspensions because we took stupid cards.“Ramos, for whom it was the 28th elimination, 26 with Real and two in Paris, will miss the next L1 game, and it is not just any game: against OM next Sunday (8:45 PM). Knowing that Nuno Mendes is definitely forfeit and that Presnel Kimpembe hasn’t taken over yet, Galtier risks pulling his hair out before assembling his line of defense for the Classic…