Gassama and VAR video: Authentic or montage?

A video purportedly related to the conversation between the VAR referees and the chief referee of the Algeria-Cameroon meeting has been circulating on the internet for a few days now. It is also adopted by certain information sites. But is this video authentic or are we witnessing a new fake like so many since the elimination of the Algerian team.

The Algeria-Cameroon match of the qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar continues to cause controversy in Algeria and on social networks. This encounter, which ended in a defeat to the Greens (2-1) synonymous with elimination from the World Cup, is the subject of rumors and speculation.

Reminder, in the sense that the Algerian supporters, since March 29 an extensive campaign to replay the Algeria-Cameroon match, believing that the team controlled by Djamel Belmadi was the victim of injustice during this battle. They point the finger at the match head referee to whom they bear full responsibility for standing behind their team’s defeat and elimination.

Rumor swells about Cameroon’s first goal

The Algerian Football Federation, bowing to pressure from fans of the Algerian team, submitted an application appeal to FIFA, who should rule on April 21. In anticipation of this date, the rumor is circulating on social networks about the arbitration errors advocating a “replay”.

This week, a video reportedly capturing the discussion that took place between the VAR and field referee, Gambian Bakary Gassama, over Cameroon’s first goal was widely shared on the net.

According to this video, which has been taken up by certain information sites – including Fennec Football – VAR indicated to the match’s chief referee that a mistake had indeed been made during the action by a Cameroonian striker against Algerian defender Aissa Mandi. the opening of the score.

Still according to this video, Bakary Gassama would not have heard anything and decided to validate the goal and continue the game much to the surprise of the video assistance referees.

French VAR and modified subtitles: a very poor quality montage

This film would certainly have been a great asset to the cause of the Algerian selection and its audience, if it had proved authentic. But this video is just a vulgar montage. Also a bad installation. The words of the subtitles accompanying the images have been replaced with others without even keeping the same size or font.

In addition, the VAR referees in this video – which was also recorded by, among others, the Facebook page Foot+ – spoke in French, while in reality the referees of the Algeria-Cameroon match in Blida have German nationality. Logically, they would then have to talk to each other in German.

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