‘I didn’t like the whistles against Bale’

On the eve of Chelsea’s reception for the second leg of this Champions League quarter-final, Real Madrid’s Casemiro addressed the press.

The game : “We are going to play a game that will be very difficult. We have had the best 90 minutes of the season in London, but we cannot trust anything. I want to ask for the support of the fans because it will be very complicated, they are defending champions and they have our full respect. We will have to give everything.”

The Liga/LDC double : “When we talk about Real Madrid, we always talk about winning everything. At the beginning of the season, we would all have signed to be in this situation today. We are working on winning titles.”

He has no replacement in the squad. : “I think like the coach, who said that no one replaces anyone. Every player has his own characteristics. We have a good team, Fede and Camavinga have shown that they have the quality.”

Clásico defeat:We had prepared him well, but in the end we lost him and we didn’t do what we prepared. I think it can happen in a season, nobody likes to lose and even less a Clasico. But we’re back on track and that’s the most important thing.”

Valverde in the 433 : “I think the question is more for the coach. There is one system with Fede, another with Rodrygo or Asensio or something else… We all want to win. Ancelotti is a master and he understands all that very well.”

The key to the comeback against Paris : “I think it’s the top, this club. Real Madrid live for it, win improbable matches, do it when nobody believes in it… We fight to the end, as the saying goes. fans. That’s the key to everything, believe in it to the end and give it all.”

Critics at Real: “It can all be determined by everyone. That’s why football is so beautiful, everyone can express their opinion. It is better if it is done with respect.”

His personal season: “Everyone can judge my season however they want. I think the manager knows he can count on me and in every game. Without a doubt, the games against Chelsea and Getafe were very good.”

Tuchel said they want a physical match “We can’t talk about our strengths, that would feed our opponents. We can’t rely on that, we rely only on our fans. Every team has its own weapons and the best passes.”

His relationship with the referees : “I respect the referees, so do my opponents. Everyone defends their own, but the most important thing is respect. The referees don’t want to make mistakes, but they are like us, sometimes they make mistakes.”

What has changed with Benzema : “Only the goals have changed. How he understands the game, his way of speaking on and off the pitch, his everyday behavior or in training… Karim is the same. is a legend at this club and an honor to play together them for so many years. He is the most important player for us right now.”

Yellow in Getafe: “What happens on the field stays on the field. I shouldn’t have taken that card, I made a mistake. Sometimes it’s hard to control yourself on the field.”

The whistles against Bale : “When they whistle a player, they whistle for all of us. Everyone can give their opinion, but I don’t agree with the whistle of a player from my team. We have to support Bale. I didn’t like whistling at him “He is part of the history of this club, he scored very important goals. The public has to support us, together we are better.”

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