‘If Wembanyama does that, he is literally unplayable’

Impressive for his two appearances across the Atlantic this week, Victor Wembanyama is likely to have secured his place as No. 1 in the next draft. However, the Frenchman still has areas where he needs to improve if he is to secure his NBA future. For a GM, Wemby has to make progress in a particular sector above all. Here it is warned.

Expected next year in the NBA, with the draft in June, Victor Wembanyama is still talked about in the US. And that’s not going to change. The Scouts will follow his adventures with the Metropolitans 92 closely as the franchises develop plans to get this famous first choice back in 2023. Trade to weaken, kick defeats: all resources this season will be vouchers for refueling, who shouldn’t please Adam Silver.

And yet, hard to blame the teams. After all, Victor is seen as a sensational prospect. The best since LeBron James came out in 2003, for the sequel we know today. Don’t be surprised to see franchises struggling to lose games, especially if Wemby continues to grow over time. One of his areas of work? His shot.

Victor Wembanyama’s big change in his game

With 7 winning shots in his first game in Vegas, Victor quickly made the opponent’s defense dizzy. It always seems unbelievable to see a player over 2m20 shoot the floor so easily. For this GM, who spoke anonymously to The Ringer site, Victor can literally be unstoppable if he manages to become a regular shooter in matches. What he’s already trying to do.

If Victor Wembanyama manages to chain the shots, he will be truly indefensible. If he manages to be consistent with his shot, the teams will be forced to respect him on the outside line. Knowing this, there will be many opportunities to go to the circle, or to create action in the painting. The possibilities will be very important if he manages to be constant.

Good news for interested teams, Victor has made some changes this year, according to the same source. We learn through Kevin O’Connor that the French outback has hired a renowned coach to make progress in his shooting. Mavericks fans will love:

Most managers are confident that Wembanyama will become a reliable archer behind the arc, thanks to his steady progression and work ethic. This year he spent time with Holger Geschwindner, who collaborated with Dirk Nowitzki. With a good sense of the circle, a desire to learn, it is normal to expect progress. He was able to overtake Kristaps Porzingis (35.3%) and follow Karl-Anthony Towns (39.7%).

Victor Wembanyama is eager to progress with his shot and continues to become a better basketball player. It’s enough to see his two encounters in Las Vegas to better realize his progress, which continues to impress on the other side of the Atlantic. If the Frenchman can afford to bring in several three-pointers every night, the defense will have a hard time keeping him in check. Here are his opponents warned.