INTERVIEW. European Cup: For the round of 16, Ugo Mola had to “reconnect the workforce” from Stade Toulousain

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Between the return of the internationals who lived a victorious and very intense 6 Nations tournament, and the release of the film “Le Stade” whose promotional period extended “beyond (his) will”, the manager of the “Rouge et Noir” has eager to refocus its staff on the next sporting event, and last but not least: the first round of the 16th leg of the European Cup against Ulster.

Ugo Mola, there has been a lot of talk about the movie about the club over the past few weeks and at the beginning of this one. Is it a fear of such an appointment?

The promotion has intensified beyond my will, you can imagine the week that is not necessarily the most suitable for us. If only, it has merit to emphasize that the hard work of a season to achieve a favorable result should not be forgotten. I hope we don’t have too much amnesia tomorrow afternoon (today). But my difficulty in the past three weeks has been to reconnect with a workforce coming out of specific deadlines (the Six Nations Tournament, editor’s note) with very high physical intensity on the ground, but very low in weekly content. . Which, of course, we kind of went along with. Building on the European Cup with 38 minutes playing time while the Tournament and Championship matches are weaker, I hope we don’t get a big cold spell in this sector.

Did you digest the group stage?

We are talking about these famous December and January months, which have been shortened a bit. But after a while, victimhood has its limits. We are still lucky to be in the round of 16 against a magnificent Irish team in a packed stadium. If that sincerely isn’t enough for our energy and desire to play a good game…

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How do you view this return formula?

With the tremendous coaching that there is in professional rugby today, we can imagine that we will have four different halves. Really, this back and forth side that’s been around in the Champions League for years, I’ve always found it very attractive, very pleasant. We’ll find out, but I find the formula rather appealing. Then on Ulster night I will tell you if we succeeded.

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The ideal is to widen the gap on the way out…

It’s best to win twice so you don’t get bored. Beyond what will happen (today), there will be two halves left. In a completely different context and weather conditions that can also be different. If I remind you of the somewhat convincing and notable forays into football lately, just because you’re 3-1 or 5-2 ahead doesn’t mean you’ve qualified for the quarter or semi-finals. The score will obviously matter, but what will matter even more is the way we built our game, which may or may not affect the Ulster team and vice versa. But we are focused on tomorrow afternoon’s game (today), not the Belfast game. We really want to play a final stage match and activate this dynamic because I feel like we spent our time on a shot yes, a shot no, two steps forward, two steps back. In the competition, in the European Cup. Since November I have the impression that we are in the dark and I hope that we will reconnect very soon.

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