Jono Gibbes (ASM Clermont), after the clear defeat to Leicester: “29-10, that’s the reality between the two teams”

Yes. I believe that 29-10 is the reality and the difference between the two teams. Between a very effective team in the scoring area and us who had many chances but lacked precision. Faced with such a team you are allowed to cross two or a maximum of three times in the match, you have to take advantage of it every time. They are able to ramp up the pressure and be effective at key moments. We were also not effective and efficient enough in the ruck-support zone. Our response to the man carrying the ball was not quick enough.

Have you also had problems with counterballs?

We’ve suffered every time, I believe. It’s something where we don’t perform enough at this level. Maybe this defense is enough in some Top 14 matches, but at the highest level, in a European Cup final stage match, we are not good enough.

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How much did Kotaro Matsushima’s injury bother you?

Our three-quarter line isn’t very deep right now. Losing such a player early on was disappointing for everyone. Also for the future. We will see the seriousness (of his injury).

Cheikh Tiberghien also suffered from cramps at the end of the game…

Yes, but I think Cheikh’s performance is something very positive to take from this match. He really responded to this level of competition and this kind of game. It’s positive.

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19 points behind for the return, how should we view the week and the return match?

We need to analyze the content of these 80 minutes. You have to understand things. This team needs to build and get in place for high level competitions. It’s obvious after these 80 minutes. So we’re going to start with that and then the “medical examination” will also play a role. Then we will see how we can give an answer and bring the same energy to the team for the return.

Do we need to have a management of the staff on the return for the match in Castres?

It’s a good question. But to be honest, in my head I mainly want to look back at these 80 minutes for the time being and try to convey the necessary information to the group. This is my priority. Then there is also the “medical check” which will be quite warm tomorrow morning (Monday).

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Wesley Fofana hadn’t played since September, how did you find him today?

That is very difficult for a resume match. But he is an intelligent player who can read the game early enough to position himself well. During training there is not necessarily the same speed or timing as in competitions. But there are no major disappointments in Wesley’s performance.

Interview by Mathieu Brosseau

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