Jordan Poole’s Words That Unleash Draymond Green Revealed!

The major clash that recently marred the Warriors’ training continues to make headlines in the US and question its origins. TMZ Sports just offered some indiscretions about the verbal exchange between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole!

Unfortunately for them, Warriors fans are getting used to their inner star making headlines for those kinds of reasons. After indirectly pushing Kevin Durant out after a major altercation in the middle of a match, Draymond Green cracked again with a star from his own team. This time it was Jordan Poole who was the target, and not just a little bit.

Vocally during a recent Golden State training session, the young fullback angered his partner, who found nothing better… than hitting him with the right. The terrible scene, of which the viral video has already gone viral in just 24 hours, clearly provoked strong reactions throughout the competition, but remained shrouded in a degree of mystery. Mystery that gradually begins to subside.

Jordan Poole teases about Draymond Green’s contract?

If they’ve kept quiet about the famous sequence until now, the Warriors would think no less about this controversy initiated by Draymond. The franchise would not have appreciated the distribution of the images and would have taken a first big decision about this leak on the site of TMZ Sports. The US media reported new elements this Saturday about the context of this “fight”:

Our local sources tell us that Poole called for fouls several times during an exhibition game, which is why Draymond repeatedly called him a “bitch”.

An appetizer that makes you understand the tension that could have existed between the two men before the violence escalated. However, these are other words from JP3 that would have really made the situation worse:

Things got out of hand when Poole reportedly said, “You know what it’s like, Draymond. — bragging about their contract situation. As a result, Draymond went to confront Poole and said a priori, ‘No, I don’t know, what’s up? »

As a reminder, Poole and Green could both come to an end next year and request a raise. According to recent reports, Dubs’ nugget was also pretty confident for a few days, which was reflected in his “arrogant” demeanor. A version that was sharply denied by Steph Currybut that TMZ maintains at all costs to explain Draymond’s derailment:

Steph went so far as to call all this speculation “absolute bullshit”… But our sources are adamant that the franchise is just trying to save face.

Amid turmoil, the Warriors are now facing major new allegations related to the recent dispute between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green. To see if they will keep their quiet stance, or if they will counterattack this time!