Julian Nagelsmann gives a serious warning to Villarreal

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Bayern Munich must take revenge. Shaken in all directions by Villarreal in the quarter-finals of the first leg of the Champions League last week, the Bavarian bogeyman was ultimately defeated just 1-0. A lesser evil, so suffered the favorite for the overall victory in the suburbs of Valencia. The Spanish club had cause for great regret because it had not found shelter for the return game. A big mistake according to Nagelsmann.

“We made a lot of mistakes on the way out. They did one: let us live. And we have to punish them for that. We have character in this team, a lot of pride, he said. When we lost a first stage, you have to “Don’t joke with us. On the way out we were even more dissatisfied with our performance than with the result. The best news is we only lost 1-0.”explains the German at a press conference.

Nailsmann is back

The coach is especially upset and also hates his team for not being able to use the ingredients to reverse the trend. “We are going to have to put a lot more intensity”he explains, assuring he would trust the experience “Players who are already familiar with this kind of situation and who… have a ‘Bayern identity’ because they have been with the club for a long time.” Also a form of warning.

Nagelsmann admitted that a knockout at this stage of the competition against a much lesser-known opponent would be seen as a terrible failure, especially in his first season. “There is a lot at stake and we have to invest a lot.” Especially as Bayern Munich are not at their best right now, not even in the Bundesliga where it is less sovereign than usual. “Not everyone is at their best right now, but that’s normal in the course of a season. We will have to mobilize some German virtues in this game.

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