Juve: improvisation and despair, Rabiot Cinderella, depressing Paredes … The sour Italian press after an evening of shame

The day after the humiliation against Maccabi Hafa (0-2) that seriously jeopardized their chances of qualifying for the knockout stage of the Champions League, Juventus Turin, his coach and his players were thrilled by the Italian press.

Juve: improvisation and d

Rabiot and Paredes in the crosshairs of the Italian press.

Unheard of in Old Lady history. On Tuesday, Juventus Turin conceded another punch in the grounds of Maccabi Hafa (0-2) and suffered a third defeat in the first four days of the Champions League for the first time in 124 years.

Dunces of Group H 5 points behind the duo of Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica, the Bianconeri would need a real miracle to qualify two days after the end.

Shame the Turin buzzword…

Juve have been disappointing for several years now, with 3 consecutive round of 16 eliminations against Olympique Lyonnais in 2020, FC Porto in 2021 and Villarreal last season. But this time, the failure still reached unsuspected proportions, especially since at the same time Massimiliano Allegri’s men are only 8th in Serie A, ten points behind the leader, Naples, after 9 days and thus on the wrong track to regain their abandoned crown. get for two years…

Under these circumstances, the Italian press no longer takes tweezers this Wednesday morning and releases them on the front pages. Shame on us and I am ashamed headline La Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport respectively, in the words of Turin President Andrea Agnelli. But shame is not enoughstates that Tuttosport and the transalpine media were even sharper in their commentary on individual performance in Israel.

Alex Sandro, a scientific study claims

Rookie Leandro Paredes is clearly the most expensive. It’s like a player walking by and saying, ‘Ah, is there a game? Who’s playing?’ tackles La Repubblica. Nobody expected Pirlo, but not this midfielder who doesn’t open, doesn’t give rhythm, doesn’t cover and takes no responsibility. Depressing physical condition galore La Gazzetta. He doesn’t want and doesn’t see himself , paste La Stampa. Harsh words also against the other Turin midfielder, Adrien Rabiot, much less attractive than in recent weeks. The Cinderella bianconera. It’s midnight and the beautiful carriage becomes a pumpkin again denounces La Stampa, convinced that the Habs’ newfound form was only temporary.

Apathetic at the second goal against, Alex Sandro also takes it for his ranking since what the left side fact on the ground should be the subject of scientific studies: it does not attack, does not defend, attempts a raid and disappears , says La Gazzetta. The much-discussed Allegri is of course not spared in this malaise. It’s all improvisation and desperation. (…) A movement, a studied blow: nothing. He does not help his team, reverses roles and systems, confuses and merges in the search for an idea, thus loads the newspaper with pink paper. Serviced by Agnelli, the technician was previously interested in recovering on Saturday in Serie A in the derby against Turin…

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Shame on us (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

I am ashamed (Le Corriere dello Sport)

shame is not enough (Tutto)