Leaders ensure the result [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Metz] – Girondins

The Girondins recorded a third consecutive success in Ligue 2 with Dijon and Laval beating Metz 2 goals to 0. The players without sparkle guaranteed the essence with 3 precious points won in the race to emergence in Ligue 1 .

Leaders ensure the result [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Metz]

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David Guion : he decided to put Tom Lacoux, vice-captain, on the bench, preferring Danylo Ignatenko. His team seemed slow, but managed to be patient to find the fault in a play and a generously awarded penalty. This clean slate gives confidence for the coming week

Gaetan Poussin : no goal conceded, a perfect reading of the game on his forays from the area. He delivers a serious match without hitches.

Stian Gregersen : 88 batted, only 7 lost and 8 matches won including a 3 out of 3 header. The Norwegian is consistent in performance.

Yoann Barbet : 109 balls touched, it is an unbelievable number because it is very important. It shows the difficulty of Bordeaux to play the game, he also plays a serious game. He may have abused the long game with 14 tries and 7 successes in this exercise. This is his first clean slate.

Malcolm Bokele : We soon saw that he was physically limited. He asks to leave on the 34th. Is replaced by Michelin who loses 25% of his balloons. He lost no dangerous balls, except for a failed eviction with no consequences.

Vital Nsimba : the blaster to the left of Bordeaux. Again he gets a penalty on the track by hitting the other area. Vital Nsimba carries the team by his side.

Danylo Ignatenko : good passing quality, but little forward play. He won 6 out of 8 matches played and made 4 interceptions.

fransergio : Bordeaux’s second goalscorer, he burst into tears after his goal in extra time. Badji gives him an unmissable ball. This interrupts a match in which he gave some interesting balls on attacking transitions. He also kept his defensive replacement until the last minute of the game.

Issouf Sissokho : 92% of successful passes, several fast attacking transitions, but not decisive. Won 6 matches.

Zuriko Davitashvilic : less visible over the matches, it gives the feeling of being able to make a difference to an individual performance at any time. He does not shy away from playing duels and combining them in small spaces.

Dilan Bakwa : During the first half, he is the only Girondins player who has the juice and ability to accelerate. He shoots 3 times on target. Is replaced by Depussay at 82′ which brings his activity to defend and restart correctly.

Josh Maja : 7th goal on penalty kick. Mister 100% on taking the penalty with a 5 out of 5. Less visible in play with his back to the goal, in support 25 meters from the opposing team’s goal. Is replaced by badjic at 82′. The Senegalese striker shows his power to serve Fransergio on a set for the 2-0. This is his second assist of the season. What do you think of this fact of the game?

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