LeBron breaks the silence over the Lakers fiasco!

With the Lakers nearing vacation, players are looking to the future, including LeBron James. That last one finally talked about the end of the season his team’s disaster while providing a clue to his future. Something to please his fans.

There are only two games left for the Lakers, who are no doubt eager for a holiday after a campaign to forget. No play-in for the franchise, which fell short of expectations. This is especially true for a few players, including Russell Westbrook, who may have had his only season as a Laker.

There is no doubt that franchisees will want to get it back, provided they get assets back in return. Are the Angelinos willing to make sacrifices to sell Russ? We should have the answer soon. To the east, it is Michael Jordan who would be decided to revive the star

LeBron is finally breaking his silence!

While we waited to see how things evolve, we expected a speech, LeBron James’s. It fell silent after the shutdown, and many fans wanted a speech. It’s done now, soon after the sad announcement about the king

I appreciate all this and I love your support! I wish it had happened with the win! I gave it my all during this season when I was on the floor! I’ll see you all in the fall.

LeBron doesn’t specify, but all indications are that he will be back in the fall with a Lakers jersey on his back. He is more determined than ever to take his team to the top, even if it will require a major roster reshuffle. We imagine the king will be consulted on future changes.

We were able to attend pending the end of the season another move in the purple and gold roster, and very quickly. Rob Pelinka is already going to work, he who is under a lot of pressure because of these bad choices last year.

LeBron James finally breaks the silence after the failed season of the Lakers. He thanks the fans for the support and assures him: he gave everything on the pitch. He returns next fall for a 20th season in the NBA, always with the same goal: the ring or nothing.

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