Lens: Match Notes

A History of Punishments. This is how to sum up this 116th Northern derby this Sunday, between LOSC Lille and RC Lens, at the end of the 10th day of Ligue 1. In this small game, it was the Mastiffs who withdrew from the game at Pierre Mauroy at the expense of the Sang et Or (1-0), at the end of a long sleeper derby, before getting a little more carried away after the break. François Letexier’s two most important whistles, however, took place during the first act. Mowed down by Fonte in the Dogues area, Machado quickly got the first penalty of the evening. But Sotoca didn’t support his effort enough and Chevalier, decisive in this shock, knocked it off without too much effort (16th). Just before returning to the locker room, it’s Haïdara’s turn to commit the irreparable by surrounding André in his surroundings.

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Except that David did not tremble at the conversion of this penalty, thus offering victory to the men of Paulo Fonseca, who had made only one change (André Gomes instead of Martin) in his 4-2 -3-1 defeat in Lorient the Last weekend . Before that, apart from a too crushing attack from the Canadian (26th), there wasn’t much to sink your teeth into. The second act was different, de Lensois wanted to extend their run of invincibility in L1 (17) against the hungry Dogues and were determined to keep their lead. But neither Ounas (47th) and Weah (90th+4) on the LOSC side, nor Fofana (60th), Claude-Maurice (70th) and Openda (71st) managed to change the score on the scoreboard. The fault in particular of an inspired Samba and Knight. Thanks to its 5th success of the season, Lille climbs to 7th place in the standings and returns to 5 points from his evening opponent. After the first defeat of OM and Lens in the same weekend, PSG remain the only team unbeaten in Ligue 1.

Match Ratings

man of the match : Knight (8) : heroically for Sotoca (16th), the young goalkeeper, trained in Lille, played his first derby. An appointment he didn’t miss, showing authority in his penalty area, especially on his hot air catches. Author of an extraordinary save on an attempt by Claude-Maurice (70th), he is our Man of the Match.


  • Knight (8) : see just above.

  • Diacity (4.5) : Not necessarily serene in all that he has undertaken, the Lille right side has encountered difficulties against the young Da Costa. Dominating the duels regularly (only one won out of five contested), he was much less prominent than his sidekick, Ismaily, as evidenced by the low number of balls he had to negotiate (38).

  • Cast iron (4.5) : Caught behind his back and forced to concede the penalty 15 minutes into the game, the Lille veteran delivered a mixed performance. Annoyed by the weight of Lois Openda, he was less imperial than usual, certainly restrained by the yellow card collected through his fault at the start of the Lensois penalty.

  • Djalo (6.5) :in a word: soldier. Firstly, by the dramatic character given by its impressive skull bandage after a push in the first period; then, by his good defensive activity, both right and left, to compensate for possible omissions in his defense, he delivered a solid performance, characterized by remarkable precision in his passing game (100% success).

  • Ismaili (6) : With an action zone more advanced than his counterpart on the right, the Brazilian used his experience and his physical qualities to try to close his left side. He lost relatively few balls and also made several life-saving returns at the feet of his opponents, relieving a defensive sector of the Mastiffs that had been shaken up during the first period.

  • Andrew (6): still as important at the bottom of the Lille midfield, Benjamin André, as usual, showed the necessary aggressiveness, but sometimes too impetuous, like the yellow card before half time (39th). The type of player any manager would want in a derby. Deciding on the provocation of the penalty that led to the opening of the Mastiffs’ score (43rd), he showed exemplary solidity in the duels (12 won out of 15).

  • André Gomes (6.5) : Warned after several consecutive errors, the Everton loaned midfielder has nevertheless displayed good technical quality and a certain vision of the game to broadcast and organize the match in Lille. Several balloons also scratched the counter feet, the Portuguese delivered a convincing performance in this derby of the North. Replaced by Carlos Baleba (73rd) who stood out in the few minutes allotted to him.

  • Unis (6) : in particular the Artesian porter from the beginning of the second act (47th), the Algerian played on his technical superiority and his percussion to undermine the left side of Lens, and more particularly Facundo Medina. In the second period, the former Napoli also took on a more central role as the creator of the game.

  • Angel Gomes (6) : Initially positioned under Jonathan David, the Englishman did not hesitate to move in space to bring presence to the construction of his team’s game. And if he didn’t touch a large number of balls, he managed to improve them perfectly, especially by making three important passes that brought opportunities for his team. Replaced by Jonas Martin (85th).

  • bamba (5.5) : relatively untouched during the first act, he tried to combine with his striker, playing on his quality of speed to try and take back his direct opponents. He attempted a deflection play to speed up the game and tried to strike from afar (69th) before nearly being the deciding passer for Jonathan David (71st). Replaced by Timothy Weah (73rd).

  • David (6.5) : Lonely at the forefront of Lille’s attack, the Canadian international did his best to thwart the relaunch of the hostile plants. He tried his luck despite a shot that was too crushed and easily caught by Brice Samba (26th), but on the other hand, he didn’t tremble to trick the goalkeeper from the penalty spot (44th). A match that we imagine is frustrating from a football perspective, but which stands out for its bellicose attitude.

RC lens

  • Samba (6.5): He can only hit David’s penalty, perfectly placed (44th). And when Chevalier stole the show on Sunday night, the Artesian porter coped perfectly, saving his team multiple times with four decisive saves, including a spectacular header for Gomes (72nd).

  • Machado (5): defensively he struggled a bit and advanced in duels (6 lost). But it got better as the match progressed where he showed more aggression. Offensively he was more present than his right-wing counterpart and he got the penalty, missed by Sotoca. Replaced by Boura (76th)

  • Dance (5): in a renewed defense and without benchmarks, the Austrian was most reassuring tonight. Effective against the LOSC attackers, he was solid and countered five dangerous balls and exfiltrated many balls (1 interception, 13 balls recovered).

  • Madinah (4): a sometimes dubious line-up that almost cost a lot, with David (26th) and facing the dazzling Ounas, after the break (68th). The Argentina international struggled to control Ounas and Diakite. The warning received quickly did not help (36th).

  • Haidara (3): Gradit Absent, Haïdara had the tough task of quickly making his mark in the three-man defence. But the defender struggled with placement, especially in the first half. André commits a penalty too late and offers David the opener. A complicated game for him. Replaced by Buksa (77th).

  • Cabot (4.5): an excellent return (41st), but some difficulties in the game for Bamba and David. Offensively, he tried to get ahead and find space on his track, but he could only cross once and without success. Replaced by Frankowski (61st)which quickly became more dangerous offensively.

  • Fofana (5.5): the RC Lens captain did everything he could to avoid a defeat. If he was shy in the first period, he was much more interesting after the break and he went to great lengths to break through the opponent’s block in vain. But despite his talent, he still stood shoulder to shoulder with a more organized Lille formation and was unable to make the difference, despite two long shots not far from goal.

  • Abdul Samed (5): a tough encounter against a Lille midfielder who was everywhere, in recovery and in recovery. But the ex-Clermontois was efficient and prevented the transfer to the counter-attack (5 recoveries).

  • Sotoca (3): this is a frustrating match for the artesian striker. In a complicated game that saw his team being ousted, he had the opportunity to make the difference on a quickly obtained penalty, but he came up against Chevalier, author of a nice easing on his line (16th). After that, he only had one chance to get out of the 26 balls he touched. Substituted by Claude-Maurice (68th)who could have made the difference on his first pitch (71st).

  • Pereira da Costa (5): interesting overflows in the first period and a total of three attempts at crossings. The Portuguese tried to create danger, but were well muzzled by the Lille defence. He was the most dangerous Sang et Or attacker tonight, but he is capable of much better, just like his attacking partners. Replaced by Said (61st)

  • Open day (4): like the Lensoise attack, it was this Sunday. The Belgian didn’t have the same impact as usual and couldn’t do much against the Dogues block. He could only shoot three times, but only found Chevalier’s frame once (18th) and hit only 22 balls.