LIVE – Lille-Lens: Lille wins the derby thanks to Jonathan David and ends the Lensoise series

It is over! Lille wins

It was Lille who won the northern derby thanks to a narrow victory and a penalty from Jonathan David just before half-time. Lens misses the chance to get on the podium as de Lille moves back to 7th place.

What an opportunity for Weah

The LOSC could have been hiding under this situation! David finds Weah in the middle who takes over for the empty targets but the American misses the target.

Boura tries from afar

After a two-man combination on a free kick, Boura seizes his chance from over 35 meters, but his shot goes over.

Frankowski has been warned

After a slightly too strong challenge, the Lensois side was warned in this meeting.

seven minutes left

There are seven minutes left in this derby between Lille and Lens.

New change for LOSC

Paulo Fonseca makes a defensive change with the arrival of Jonas Martin in place of the rousing Angel Gomes.

Ounas got up

The Algerian stands up after the trainers intervene. He can take his place again.

Ounas hurt his back

After an aerial duel with Boura, Ounas lands on his back and asks the trainers to intervene.

Angel Gomes gets treatment

The young Englishman from LOSC receives treatment after contact with Danso. Angel Gomes finally gets up.

New double change

This time it is Franck Haise who makes a double switch with the entries of Boura and Buksa instead of Machado and Haïdara.

Double switch for LOSC

Paulo Fonseca makes his first two changes in this meeting with the entries from Baleba and Weah instead of André Gomes and Bamba.

Lens works well

Jonathan David shoots towards the cages after a favorable counter against Brice Samba but Machado saves the Sang et Or on the line.

The little bridge of Ounas

Adam Ounas has a great second period. The former Neapolitan makes a small bridge over Frankowski.

What a knight stop

On a brilliant sequence by Claude-Maurice, Chevalier flies away and saves his people thanks to an exceptional save of the opposing team.

Nice attack from Bamba

Jonathan Bamba shoots from a long distance but cannot find Brice Samba’s frame. It was a good effort.

Sotoca makes way

Florian Sotoca leaves and is replaced by Alexis Claude-Maurice.

Ounas tries his luck

Adam Ounas is still dangerous in this match, even if his attack escapes the frame.

Openda can’t resume

Frankowski makes a good cross towards Openda who had taken the best against Fonte. But the Belgian comes too short to resume.

Double change for Lens

Franck Haise tries to shake things up with the entries from Frankowski and Saïd instead of Cabot and Perreira Da Costa.

Which Fofana number?

Seko Fofana did everything on this promotion. The Lensois midfielder recovers, dribbles and strikes, but ends his race just outside the Lille cages.

Cabot strike flies away

After a good shift to the right, Jimmy transplants Cabot into ashes and strikes, but his effort flies away behind Chevalier’s cages.

Lens is having a hard time

Like this overlong ball from Medina, the Lensois are having a hard time playing as they have been doing since the start of the season. The opener before returning to the locker room seems to have hurt them.

Haidara sacrifices herself

After a nice pass from Ounas behind it, André Gomes comes up and shoots but Haidara throws herself and slows the ball.

Seventh card of the meeting

Deiver Machado is warned in this very choppy game. This time down the side of Lensois Ounas who had made the difference.

Samba grabs the ball

After great work by Ounas, Bafodé Diakité leads the way, but Brice Samba moves well and grabs the ball.

Diakite completely misses its center

Bafodé Diakité tries to find a partner in the area, but his cross is completely missed and his race ends behind the cages of Brice Samba.

A message to supporters

While smoke bombs are being thrown on the lawn, the announcer sends a message to the Lille supporters.

Nice samba stop?

Adam Ounas enters the penalty area and shoots, but Brice Samba makes a good save with his foot.

David tries his hand

Jonathan David challenges Brice Samba with a shot from outside the box.

It’s back to Lille

François Letexier launches this second period of this northern derby that counts towards the 10th match day of Ligue 1. Lille leads thanks to a penalty from David.

It’s half time! Lille leads

Thanks to a goal from Jonathan David on penalty just before returning to the dressing room, Lille leads Lens as the end of the first act has just been called.

three more minutes

The fourth umpire indicates that there are three minutes left in this first act.

David transforms

Jonathan David’s penalty shot perfectly! Lille opens the score against Lens.

Punishment for LOSC!

After a foul by Fonte earlier in the game in the area, Haidara commits one on André. He concedes a penalty and takes a yellow card.

Lens chains the corners

De Sang et Or get two consecutive corners and their seventh in this first act.

A new yellow released

This is the third card in three minutes. Benjamin André is cautioned for a late foul.

Another yellow one

It is definitely tense on the lawn of the Pierre-Mauroy stadium. A minute after the yellow card for Medina, André Gomes also receives a warning after an accumulation of errors.

Medina has been warned

The Lensois defender is shown a yellow card for an unauthorized interference on Adam Ounas who had pushed the ball.

A very balanced property

Lille and Lens share the ball very evenly, because after 33 minutes of play it is 50-50 in terms of possession.

The medical intervention on Djalo is over

After a few minutes of care and especially bandages, Djalo gets up, but still seems to sound good.

Djalo stands up with difficulty

The Lille defender is treated after an elbow from Danso near Lens.

The first bend of Lille

André Gomes gets his team’s first corner in this game after 28 minutes.

Samba on the track

After a good pass from Ounas, David shoots on the first shot but his attempt is too axial and Brice Samba grabs it without worry.

Lens dominates

The Sang et Or continue their territorial domination and increasingly settle in the other half of the field. Despite everything, LOSC continues to hold its own without conceding great opportunities.

LOSC is having a hard time

For a few minutes now, the Lensois have been playing against spectators from Lille.

Chevalier wins for Openda

Loïs Openda tries his luck after a corner that was badly blocked by the Lille defence, but Lucas Chevalier lies on the ball.

Chevalier saves the penalty!

It was the Lille goalkeeper who won the game against Florian Sotoca.

Fonte commits a foul in the penalty area

Jose Fonte fouls in his penalty area after a foul on Machado who was kicked in by Perreira Da Costa. The Lille captain is warned for a yellow card.

New angle for Lens

Machado tries to cross but Djalo counters for a corner. It is the Lensois’ second since the start of the race.

Andre Gomes strikes

The Lille midfielder seizes his chance from afar but Danso is on the track and keeps the danger off.

Already a box

Jimmy Cabot is shown a yellow card for a poorly controlled tackle on Angel Gomes.

A first corner for Lens

Loïs Openda gets a corner after a nice return from Djalo at the feet of the Lensois striker.

Both teams insist

When they don’t have the ball, these two teams don’t hesitate to put a lot of pressure on the ball carriers.

The kick has been given

In a very good atmosphere, François Letexier kicks off this last meeting of the 10th day of Ligue 1 between Lille and Lens.

Start of the game in fifteen minutes

This northern derby now starts in fifteen minutes. Kick-off is scheduled for 8.45pm.

LOSC fragile at home

In their last six encounters at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium, LOSC has conceded an average of 2.5 goals per game.

Lens looking for the stage

If de Lensois was successful tonight on the Lille lawn, he could pass for OM, beaten yesterday against Ajaccio, and finish this 10th day in 3rd place.

The eleven lenses for the derby

It’s the same team as last weekend.

Samba – Machado, Danso, Medina – Cabot, Fofana, Abdul Samed, Haïdara – Sotoca, Pereira da Costa – Openda.

The composition of Lille

Chevalier – Diakite, Fonte, Djalo, Ismaily – André, André Gomes – Ounas, Angel Gomes, Bamba – David.

Lens: a foiled preparation behind the scenes

On the Racing side, the preparation for the shock was thwarted by the surprising announcement Wednesday of the departure of Florent Ghisolfi, the sports coordinator, one of the architects of the good results of the artesian club for three years. Ghisolfi will leave his post to join Nice, which formalized his arrival on Wednesday. The promising 37-year-old manager wanted to explain the timing, but did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure during a press conference in the presence of general manager Arnaud Pouille.

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“We hate Lens”, when Lille supporters launch hostilities

On the eve of this game, Dogues fans set the tone for the match by flocking to Lille’s training center on Saturday. They were about 2000, boiling, on the spot.

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Fonseca’s compliments

Prior to the North derby scheduled for this Sunday (8:45 PM) at the end of the 10th day of Ligue 1, Lille coach Paulo Fonseca was full of praise for RC Lens. “I have to admit, I think Lens is one of the best teams in France, with a certain playing identity, very clear ideas and also a lot of stability. If you’ve had the same coach for three or four years, it’s that the team is doing well “It is a team that puts a lot of intensity into the duels, but not only that. We expect a tough game. We are going to maintain our intentions, we want to dominate, put pressure on them. Initiatives. But I recognize the quality of our opponent.” , he underlined.

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Good evening everyone

Welcome to our site to follow live the 116th derby du Nord in Lille, where the Dogues will try to reverse the trend favoring the rivals of Lensois, winners of their two clashes in Ligue 1 last season (1-0, 2 -1 ). The Artésiens have already lost 17 games in Ligue 1 and are making the best start to the season in their history with 21 points from nine games.