LIVE – OM-Ajaccio: Payet in history, the Corsicans come back to score

Statistics first period

Marseille had the ball and increased their passes, but failed to create many real chances.

Veretout warm-up during the break

The midfielder is likely to return for the second half, while OM offered a very average first half.

It’s break at the Velodrome

Marseille and Ajaccio neutralize each other for the time being, 1-1. Dimitri Payet opened the score on a penalty, after which Moussiti-Oko equalized after a fine individual action. The pace of the match largely dropped in the last 20 minutes of this first period.

Another inaccurate center of Kaboré

De Burkinabé will have missed precision in his crosses in this first period.

Moussiti-Oko to El Idrissy

Ajaccio’s counterattack was still interesting, Gigot came back well to prevent the French-Moroccan striker from hitting.

Ajaccio is planning

The Corsicans gain confidence and make a big breakthrough on the left. In the aftermath, after a failed raise from Gigot, Bayala recovers and strikes, but it’s upstairs.

Kaboré failed center

It’s a great missed opportunity, the shift was made thanks to the emergence of Kaboré, but the Marseille piston is completely missing its center.

Ajaccio has gained in firmness

If the Marseillais have struggled for 15 minutes to create situations, we must also risk the Corsicans who show much more defensive solidity.

Center of Tavares

The Portuguese lacks precision and finds no one. Most centers in Marseille have been rather inaccurate since the meeting began.

Angle for OM

Payet’s corner does nothing. OM has had more trouble increasing the intensity since Ajaccio’s equalizer.

Big tackle by Kaboré

It’s a foul on Koné. The Marseillais could have been warned, he is doing well.

OM go on the attack

The Marseillais do not change their way of working, they hold the ball and take their time to find a fault in the defense of the opposing team.

Moussiti-Oko again!

The Ajaccien striker is not far from surprising the Marseille defense a second time, but this time he cannot get the ball to the end.


AJACCIO BACK ON THE SCORE! On an excellent run, Moussiti-Oko steps on the left foot and shoots at the end of the run, it is in the side net, Ruben Blanco can do nothing.

Public Prosecution Service projects in number

Despite the opener, the Marseillais continue to attack in numbers, with a projection of the circles.

Moussiti-Oko stays on the ground

The Ajaccio striker is treated for a few minutes after contact in the air. He stands up, the game resumes.

Gerson not far from a good series

The Brazilian tries to eliminate a defender and the keeper, but is overtaken at the last minute. Ajaccio is not coming out of the Marseille pressure.

Payet in the history of the L1

He will join the closed club of players who have scored 100 goals in Ligue 1, in addition to 100 assists.


DIMITRI PAYET does not vibrate! The Marseille captain opens his foot and even if the Corsican goalkeeper has started on the right, he cannot do anything. 1-0 for OM, provisional leader Ligue 1.


On an action by Alexis Sanchez, a defender of Ajaccio touches the ball with his hand. The referee whistles a penalty, confirmed by VAR. Dimitri Payet shoots it and can score his 100th goal in Ligue 1.

Payet’s free kick does nothing

The OM captain cannot find a partner.

Good free kick obtained by Kaboré

OM’s right piston was found very well on a nice cross, before Koné was eliminated who made a mistake and was shown a yellow card.

OM has control over this start of the match

Possession is completely in favor of the Marseillais at the start of the game. Ajaccio struggled to slow the pace, set foot on fire and more to approach the surface of OM.

Alexis Sanchez pushed around

At a corner played by two, the dog comes to ask for the ball and after contact is on the ground. The referee says nothing.

Payet tries to finish

The Marseille captain tried his luck with his left foot, but it was countered by Ajaccio’s defence.

First offensive for the Marseillais

Alexis Sanchez is well launched on the left, he pairs with Dimitri Payet who treads the surface but can’t find a teammate but behind.

Let’s go to the Velodrome

The kick-off is given by AC Ajaccio, in a great atmosphere. Smoke bombs were cracked in the corners, the stadium is a bit smoky but it’s gone.

The players enter the Vélodrome . lawn

A little reminder of the compositions before we start this meeting.

Kick-off in less than 10 minutes

The warm-up is over.

Tudor praises Nuno Tavares

The Portuguese, who has been aligned in the left piston position since the start of the season, is one of the great satisfactions on the Marseille side.

Ajaccio, only 1 win this season

The Corsicans are 20th in Ligue 1 with just 4 points. They only won one game this season, three weeks ago in Brest (1-0). Their defense is not bad (14 goals conceded), but Pantaloni’s men have a hard time scoring (5 goals, worst attack in the championship).

The Velodrome’s tribute to Bernard Tapie

Bernard Tapie’s face appeared on the giant screens of the Vélodrome stadium, provoking an ovation from the supporters in the stands. A tribute just over a year after the death of the former president of OM.


The face of Bernard Tapie in the Vélodrome
The face of Bernard Tapie in the Vélodrome © RMC Sport

Marseille, goalscorers from everywhere

OM scored in L1 this season thanks to players from 7 different nationalities, no one does better in the top flight.

Ochoa, star of the OM-Ajaccio poster in 2011

At the time, the Mexican goalkeeper had set the record for saves in a Ligue 1 match.

Ajaccio robbed of Hamouma and Touzghar

Olivier Pantaloni aligns his usual 4-4-2, but he is devoid of certain frames. Romain Hamouma has an inflammation in the meniscus and Yoann Touzghar has an ankle injury.

Ajaccio’s elf: Leroy – Youssouf, Avinel, Gonzalez, Kone – Coutadeur, Marchetti, Nouri, Bayala – El Idrissy, Moussiti-Oko.

OM with Payet holder and Blanco in the cages

Left on the bench this week in the Champions League, Dimitri Payet returns as a starter for Igor Tudor’s eleven. He is joined by Gerson and Alexis Sanchez in the attacking trio.

In the goal, surprising tenure of Ruben Blanco, who has not been aligned since the second day of Ligue 1 against Reims.

The Elves of OM: Blanco – Mbemba, Balerdi, Gigot – Kaboré, Rongier, Gueye, Tavares – Gerson, Payet (cap.) – Sanchez.

The film RMC Sport by OM-Sporting

Speaking of OM-Sporting, relive the great victory of the Olympians (4-1) with the RMC Sport movie “Men at OM”.

Public Prosecution Service robbed of Clauss and Guendouzi

As Igor Tudor indicated at a press conference on Friday, Jonathan Clauss and Mattéo Guendouzi, who were hit against Sporting on Tuesday, will be forfeited. However, the Croat hopes to find them next Wednesday, for the trip to Lisbon.

Hi there

Welcome to this live broadcast of the OM-Ajaccio match, as part of the 10th day of Ligue 1. An encounter that could allow the Marseillais to take the lead in the championship if they succeed at the Vélodrome, and in anticipation of the PSG match in Reims. Kick-off at 5:00 PM.