Meiringen: First gold medal of the season for Janja Garnbret, Oriane Bertone 4th. PlanetGrimpe

Looking at the qualifying and semi-final rounds, it was unlikely that the Slovenian mutant, Janja Garnbret, is overwhelmed by his emotions. After 5 boulders in sight in the qualifier, 4 boulders in sight in the semifinals, she will reach the top of the 4 boulders in the final in 5 short attempts. We’re not far from perfection… And the achievement is all the more impressive because her opponents don’t follow her!

Indeed, its direct competitor, the American Natalia Grossmanwho made a very strong impression last year will settle for the silver medal with 3 blocks in 8 attempts and 4 zones in 16 attempts.

Behind the gap is widening since the bronze medal goes to the Swiss Andrea Kumin with only one counter block and 2 zones. Equivalent performance for our French Oriane Bertone, but with 2 more minor attempts to reach the block 2 area which puts her at the foot of the podium. She will therefore not have repeated her performance from last year when she climbed the second step of the podium on the same stage, between the machines Janja Garnbret and Natalia Grossman. Anyway, Oriane will definitely not make it to the podium, but still inspire the utmost confidence for the rest of the season. She proves to us on this first stage that we will have to count on her this year and that is the most important.

After this first step, several questions arise… Who will manage to stop the Slovenian machine Janja Garnbret? How do you play in the same category as her, given the ease with which she swallows the World Cup blocks one after the other? Will Natalia Grossman be able to make her…? One thing is for sure, it promises to be an exciting season and we are already looking forward to the next leg in Seoul from May 6-8.

The results of the final