Moto2: Fabio Quartararo’s former boss introduces his rider Fermin Aldeguer and guess what…

Unfortunately, the race ended badly for the sparkling 16-year-old Fermin Aldeguer in an Argentina Moto2 Grand Prix that he had dominated until then. At the wheel of his Boscoscuromoto, he had won all practice sessions on a tough Saturday, even signaling his first pole position on a circuit in Termas de Rio Hondo that had been unknown to him until then. Along the way, however, he encountered a ruthless Vietti who made him realize his lack of experience. A huge disappointment for a pilot presenting his boss. Before him he had known a certain Fabio Quartararo and guess what…

Fermin Aldeguer already positively noticed on his debut in the Grands Prix, and directly in Moto2, last year, but he really burst into the public eye during the last Argentine Grand Prix† Suddenly he made people forget Raul Fernandez and reduced to the level of mere mortals Pedro Acosta† Admittedly, the result was not at the end of the road, due to a manly fact of the race, but correct according to the officials, with Vietnam† But the young Spaniard impressed.

His boss, manager of the Speed ​​Up team, Luca Boscoscurofeatured on motorcycle sprint which appears to be a phenomenon. And he knows how to determine those who are above destiny, because he trusted a certain time in his time Fabio Quartararo† The Italian first remembers the facts: for us it is one year experience with him, but he surprises us. I’m not just talking about Sunday in Argentina, but already the weekend in Qatar. The route was unknown to him, it is a difficult route and the others had already covered many kilometers. In the first lap he finished fourth and qualified in eighth place, two tenths behind the leader. There you already understand that there is something special† For Argentina, I can’t remember a driver who finished first in all sessions, including the warm-up

But in the race, in the scrum, the opponents don’t care about this magic. in Argentina, Celestino Vietti took charge of putting Aldeguer step-by-step…” These are things that happen, racing accidents. The races are not easy. He wasn’t even mad at Vietti. In my opinion Vietti has a great responsibility, but he can do it differently. It’s smart and he understands, he didn’t even waste time getting angry and losing energy. He was really calm, from the series “that’s how it happened, I’m sorry guys”. This rest is an excellent approach to competitions

Fermín Alderguer, MB Conveyors SpeedUp, Gran Premio Michelin® de la República Argentina

We will now have to reap the benefits of Fermin Aldeguer’s talent

Boscoscuro also acknowledges that on this occasion he paid for his lack of experience: ” I can’t fault it, but he didn’t move from Moto3 and I’m sorry about that. If he had played in those races, his management on Sunday would have been differenthe would have had much more experience “But otherwise he furiously remembers one of his former riders, now MotoGP World Champion at 22…” He looks much more mature than his age, especially at work he is very professional. At its age, it makes an incredible difference. He is cool ! He is very nice, he laughs at you, he always has a joke ready. As a character, he’s the best, he’s the good one. He is a beautiful and very intelligent boy. He’s so normal… He’s a very calm boy, if you don’t know he’s the pilot, he looks like a kid coming to play. Sunday morning, in Argentina, he started from pole position, but it was hard to get him out of bedthe tension of the race did not exist

However, there is a difference…” Fabio has already shown who he really is, Fermin still has to growhe is well on his way to becoming a real pilot but it still takes time. Fabio has been through some tough times in his career and then it came out. When Fabio arrived in 2018, he had had a very complicated season the year before. Mark these thingsBoscoscuro finished : ” Fermin has yet to grow, he is on the right track to become a true pilot, but it still takes time. It will now be necessary to reap the fruits of his talent This weekend in Austin, Fermin Aldeguer will undoubtedly want to continue on this good momentum, after assimilating the Argentine class…

Fermin Aldeguer, Speed ​​Up Racing, Portimao Moto2™ & Moto3™ Official Test